MPC Academic Senate

Deans on College Council Proposal


Doug Garrison has presented this proposal.


What do we think of it?

 This proposal comes from Doug Garrison at a meeting with myself, Bernie Abbott (CC co-chair), Gail Fail (MPCTA President), and Doug Garrison (MPC President)


Currently the College Council contains (all voting members):

7 faculty members

3 vice presidents

1 president

1 MSC (Management)

4 classified

2 students


The 7 deans are excluded from this group and have asked to have the opportunity to serve on College Council.


I, as Academic Senate President, have maintained that

1) The deans presumably have the same perspective as their respective VPs

            (The deans do not necessarily agree with my presumption.)

2) An addition of a dean would disrupt the balance of faculty and non-faculty on the College Council

3) Faculty members would miffed to outraged if this balance were disrupted.


Doug Garrison proposes that:

1)      The President be a non-voting member of College Council

2)      The MSC (Management) be combined with the 7 deans to form a “Management Group”

3)      The “Management Group” (Deans + MSC) be represented by two members on the College Council.

4)      The President appoint the two members of the “Management Group”


It has been pointed out that it is “silly” to have a president be a voting member of a committee that makes recommendations to the president.


The revamped College Council would consist of the following voting members:

7 faculty

3 vice presidents

2 “management group” (MSC + deans)

4 classified

2 students



From Sharon Colton:


As a dean, I want to support the proposal to include deans for representation to the College Council. I and other deans felt like the kid who didn’t get picked for the team and must always  sit on the bench and watch.


I think Doug’s proposal is very practical and workable.