MPC Academic Senate

Draft MOU with the MPCTA


This Draft MOU encourages cooperation and support between the Academic Senate and the MPCTA.

Fall 2006


In the interest of maintaining and supporting our current collegial relationship, MPCTA and the MPC Academic Senate agree to the following principles:


1. We will work together on faculty concerns with mutual respect in order to create a stronger and more unified faculty.


2. We will recognize and show consideration for the boundaries delineating the responsibilities of each body.

The roles of the Academic Senate (as stated in title 5) involve academic and professional matters, specifically the following policy development matters: curriculum, degree and certificate requirements, grading policies, educational program development, student preparation and success, faculty roles in college governance structures, faculty roles in accreditation processes, policies for faculty professional development activities, processes for program review, processes for institutional planning and budget development, and other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon.

The role of the MPCTA is to act as the exclusive bargaining unit between faculty and administration. MPCTA is responsible for all faculty issues relating to wages and working conditions.


3. In the event of an issue that seems to include both bodies, MPCTA executive board and Senate officers will meet and reach an agreement either to allow one body exclusive responsibility, or to work together.


An example of this kind of collaboration is the approval of faculty representation on committees. During the fall of 2006, Senate and union leadership collaborated to reach the following decision:

The Academic Senate approves faculty members on all campus committees except committees that discuss matters with an effect on bargaining. On these committees, there should be MPCTA representation specified in the committee's bylaws. In such cases, the MPCTA selects and confirms the MPCTA faculty representative(s) without the participation of the Academic Senate. At the time of this writing, this exception applies to two MPCTA seats on the budget committee and one MPCTA seat on the College Council. The MPCTA negotiating team is another example of a committee formed without the participation of the Academic Senate.