MPC Academic Senate

December 7, 2006



President's Report



Short report this week.


We have a packed agenda this week.


I fear we will not get through it.


Program Discontinuance was a last-minute addition

This will be a Second Reading.

If we vote "yes" vote today it will go to the College Council with a recommendation to become Board Policy.


Executive Committee


Met for about two hours on November 30, 2006

Discussed the following items:

Academic Senate Elections in Spring


We need to figure out our terms and how to stagger them.

Does anybody know where any information on this issue might be?


In preparation for this, could each of us please write down on a piece of paper

when we started the Academic Senate

When we think our term is over

Whether or not we "took over" for somebody else in the middle of their term


For example, Fred would write:


started fall 2005

Don't know when my term is over

"took over" for Elizabeth Bishop in fall 2005.


Notes for flex days