MPC Academic Senate

February 1, 2007



President's Report




I will not be here for our March 1 meeting. I will be out of town that day.

I hope our Vice President can run the meeting that day.


Election of new Academic Senate representatives

Need to get ready for election of new--or returning--Academic Senate representatives.

Needs to be accomplished by mid-March.


Prepare for Election of New--or Returning--Academic Senate Officers

Must occur during the second meeting in March.

This year, the second meeting in March will be March 15.


Abstaining from voting

At our December 7 meeting we had a vote that was 5 ayes, 1 no, and 8 abstentions.

Let's talk a bit about when it is appropriate to abstain from a vote.

If you could personally gain from a vote?

If the vote is about you specifically?

If you participated in the generation of policy that the Academic Senate is voting on?

If you don't understand the issue well enough when the issue comes to vote?

If you don't really care?


Visiting Dignitaries

Chancellor Mark Drummond, Scott Lay from CCLC, Dr. Larry Toy from the Foundation for California Community Colleges, and Ian Walton, State Academic Senate President will be visiting MPC on Monday March 19. We have been asked to co-sponsor a public forum so that all interested campus community members have the chance to interact with these folks. What would MPC Academic Senate like to learn from these folks?


I propose forming a committee to work with the administration to plan this visit.

Senate Pres

Union Pres

ASCCC Representative elect

CAC chair(s)

Who else?