MPC Academic Senate

February 15, 2007



President's Report




I will not be here for our March 1 meeting. I will be out of town that day.

Our Vice President will run the meeting that day.


Academic Freedom Committee

Welcome. We have a great group.

This committee is essentially a sub-committee of the Academic Senate, even though there are no Academic Senate representatives on it.

When you are done, we'd like you to give us a brief report, let us read any proposed changes, and we'll send it on through the process.

MPC Process for Reviewing and Revising Board Policy

Current MPC Policy on Academic Freedom


AAAG Report

Lots of discussion about hiring priorities.

When a faculty member retires, should the position be "automatically" replaced, or should the institution take a look at all of the programs and see which proposals for new faculty members deserve the most merit.

Upon who should the burden of proof be placed that a position is needed or not needed?

The question gets tricky when single-person departments are involved. What would MPC be without Philosophy, or Physics, Italian, or Earth Science?

Anyway, a proposal is being prepared from Academic Affairs to change or modify our process for establishing priorities in hiring as people retire and money becomes available.

What should the Academic Senate's role in this effort be?

The Title 5 ten plus one.


College Council Report

The Academic Senate was recognized at College Council for our Flex Days efforts.


Proposed planning and resource allocation process for MPC


The College Council members are currently discussing this; I would like to let them know what we think.


Election of new Academic Senate representatives

Need to get ready for election of new--or returning--Academic Senate representatives.

Needs to be accomplished by mid-March.

The four Divisions are Humanities, Library, Nursing, and Business/Technology

We also have the At-Large Representative

Stephanie, can we get the chart we prepared on this website?


Election of At-Large Representative; My Proposal:

Solicit via All Users for nominations for At-Large representatives to participate in the upcoming elections (completed Friday Feb 9)

Nominations period open until today, February 15.

Nominations are: Jon Osburg,...

Hold elections from now until March 1

Put a box in the library. An appropriate box exists.

Put a list of nominations on the box.

Have people submit names on a piece of paper and put them into the box.

Election continues until Academic Senate meeting on March 1

Count the ballots at the March 1 meeting and announce the winner.


Prepare for Election of New--or Returning--Academic Senate Officers

Roles of each of the Academic Senate officers are described in the bylaws.

Describe them now?

Election will occur during the second meeting in March, on March 15.

Could our secretary please organize the voting logistics for our March 15 meeting.

The way we did it last time worked OK, I thought.


COC Membership

Bernie Abbott will be leaving the COC after serving for three years (Thank you Bernie). We will need to find a replacement for her.


From the Academic Senate Bylaws:

a.    Nominees for replacement of expired terms on the COC shall be selected by the COC from the faculty as a whole, and voted on by the senate at the same meeting, and by the same methods, by which senate officers are elected (Article III. 3.)

So we need to get this finalized by March 15th.


Visiting Dignitaries

Chancellor Mark Drummond, Scott Lay from CCLC, Dr. Larry Toy from the Foundation for California Community Colleges, and Ian Walton, State Academic Senate President will be visiting MPC on Monday March 19. We have been asked to co-sponsor a public forum so that all interested campus community members have the chance to interact with these folks.


This Planning Committee will meet during the last week of February.