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February 18,2010


Academic Senate meeting March 9 (a second Tuesday) for visiting team

Now scheduled for...?


AAAG Report

AAAG met in special session on Wednesday February 17 to talk about the prioritization issues facing MPC.


Background: Trying to address budget issues is like following a bouncing ball. We don't really know what will happen next. As of today, the Governor has released a preliminary budget. We know that it will change. Nevertheless, based on this budget, MPC thinks it will need to make up about $500K in the 10-11 budget year. Again, this may change, but this is the number we have now. Academic Affairs has been directed by the S/P to develop a number of scenarios detailing how to deal with this shortfall as well as more severe shortfalls.


MPC has made a great effort to reduce its ISAs and increase its credit programs. MPC is exiting the PFIT ISAs (FTES gained from people taking physical fitness courses at outside gyms that are not on the MPC campus. This was a strategy pushed by previous administrations to increase FTES). Another commonly quoted MPC factoid is that MPC has more Drama FTES than it has English FTES.


The AAAG meeting: At the AAAG meeting it was revealed that Mike and John believe that this $500K shortfall can be achieved by increasing efficiency--more students in classes, teaching sections once a year rather than once a semester, etc... The main point is that this position does not require prioritizing various strands of our mission--such as transfer, basic skills or CTE--over others, such as life-long learners. This is clarification of position takes a stance or perspective that I was not expecting, especially after Doug's emphasis on prioritization at many MPC venues.


Does the Academic Senate wish to re-enter this discussion?


Meeting Schedule for the Spring Semester

Feb 4

Feb 18

Mar 4

Mar 9 (special visiting team meeting)

Mar 18 (Officer elections, per bylaws; both old and new reps attend to vote)

(Spring break Apr 1)

Apr 8 (2nd Th)

Apr 22 (4th Th)

May 6

May 20

June 3? (finals week) (maybe keep open for an emergency meeting?)


Election of Academic Senate Representatives

This happens within each of the divisions with expiring terms, by the election methods of their choice.

At-Large rep is elected by methods described in the bylaws and led by the Academic Senate Secretary.

This should happen during February. New reps should be established by March.

We should establish when the term ends for the at-large adjunct rep.

Division or Area

Senate Representative

Term Began

(Fall Semester)

Term ends

(Spring Semester)

Life Sciences

Heather Faust



Creative Arts

Currently Vacant



Social Sciences

Steve Albert



Physical Education

Mark Clements




Susan Joplin





Laura Loop

F2007 S2010


Stephanie Tetter

F2007 S2010


Anita Johnson

F2007 S2010


Jean-Claude Prado

F2007 S2010


Mila MacBain Martínez

F2007 S2010





Physical Sciences

Fred Hochstaedter



Student Services

Debbie Anthony



Supportive Services

Alexis Copeland



College Readiness/TRIO

Chris Calima




Susan Walter




At-Large Adjunct

Marguerite Stark



ASMPC student rep

Currently Vacant




VP Administrative Services Search.


A message from Doug Garrison:


Fred and Mark,

As you know, Joe Bissell is retiring in August. I have asked Barbara Lee to chair the selection committee and have discussed with her the ideal perspectives to be represented on the committee. We are attempting to form a committee that includes representatives with expertise that correspond to the areas of responsibility of the position and that represent the college constituencies . As we examined the potential committee members, we also tried to keep an eye on both gender and diversity.


The Academic Senate appoints all faculty to committees, but in the past the Senate has welcomed suggestions.  I offer the following names in that spirit and would ask that the Senate consider these faculty appointments. To provide a full context, I have also included the non-faculty committee members and noted their areas of “expertise” or representation.



Chair, Barbara Lee [HR-Negotiations]

Vicki Nakamura [FTES calculations/Facilities planning and state reporting]

Loran Walsh [VP of MPCEA]

Pegi Ard  [Retired chief business officer for Cabrillo College]


Suggested Faculty

Diane Boynton [Facilities planning/broad college knowledge]

Alexis Copeland [Technology]

Alethea DeSoto [Matriculation-categorical budgets]

Gary Fuller [Negotiator for MPCEA – Budget Committee]


I have consulted with all these faculty members, and they have agreed to have their names forwarded to the Senate for consideration.


The tentative schedule would include a meeting to review the announcement during the week of 2/22, screening from 4/23-5/4, interviews 5/19-21, public forums 6/1-3, and approval by the Board on 6/22.


As we did with the VPAA position, I intend to hold public forums to give the campus community the opportunity to view all finalists and provide me with confidential feedback.


Please consider these suggestions and let me know the Senate’s action. Since we are trying to complete the search by the end of the spring term, timely action is necessary.





Douglas R. Garrison, EdD.


Monterey Peninsula College

980 Fremont St.

Monterey, CA 93940



An e-mail from Hazel Ross:




I agree with what the senate has come up with so far, with the highlighted addition below.  Some other ideas:


I’d like to see a genuine recognition of the importance of continuing to improve full-time faculty salaries with the goal of reaching salaries commensurate with the high cost of living in this area.  Just as important, I’d also like to see a genuine recognition that part-time faculty do not receive comparable pay for comparable work, and a commitment to the goal of reaching equity in pay for our part-time faculty.  Even when times are really tough economically, and there is no money available to achieve these goals, we mustn’t  forget that when things start to improve we will need to have administrators on board that recognize the importance of these goals.  Student learning is indeed the overall goal in whatever we do, and being able to attract and retain excellent faculty, both full and part time, is a vital component of student learning.