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President's Notes

Feb 19, 2015


24th Annual Lobo Hall of Fame

Honoring Dave Clemens, among others

March 7


Elections of Division Representatives -- All division chairs have been notified at the January 26 AAAG meeting

Terms that end in Spring 2015; there are no term limits.

Senate Representatives must be elected by March 1 of each year.

Life Science

Creative Arts

Social Science

Physical Education


Election of At-large Representatives

The Academic Senate will oversee a campus election of two at-large seats.


At-large -- Heather Craig

At-large adjunct -- Sunny LeMoine


Election of Executive Committee members

Will occur at the second meeting in March.

Both newly elected and "old" Academic Senate Representatives may participate in the election

Positions are:


Aside from the implied duties, the main job of the Executive Committee is to approve the agenda.


Elections of Representatives and Officers.


Board of Trustees

Life-long Learner definition will be on the agenda February 23 (Monday).


College Council -- Feb 10 -- no meeting -- not enough for an agenda


 Dan Fox has stepped down from the College Council. Ideas for a replacement? This should be in the next All Users email.


Current faculty members on College Council:

Fred Hochstaedter, Academic Senate President

Paola Gilbert, Faculty Union President

Diane Boynton, chair

Elizabeth Mullins

DJ Singh

Wendy Bates

Dan Fox


AAAG -- Feb 18

Heard information about Program Review data. The institution needs to find a way to get this type of information to Division and Dept chairs to use when writing the six-year program reviews. It was implied that there may be changes to Program Review processes in the near future. Program Review is one of the 10+1. How should Academic Senate handle this? Should the program review discussions be spearheaded by AAAG, since those members are more familiar with program review than the Academic Senate representatives? The Academic Senate could remain the primary body on SLOs and the integratoin of SLOs into the program review.


Should we agendize this question for the March 5 meeting?


Budget Advisory Committee

Has been resurrected after a long time MIA.

Earl reported that Walt has asked him to prepare a "facts only" historical budget report to help provide context about our current budget situation. Hopefully we will see this report at the next Budget Advisory Committee meeting on March 16.


ASCCC President's Update:


Spring Plenary is April 9-11.


Sponsoring regional faculty meetings for the Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy.

Solano College Feb 27

Palomar Feb 28

Clovis College March 13

It would be great to send a faculty member to one of these.


I have sent an email to CTE faculty suggesting that MPC personnel attend one of these meetings.