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Agendas all on one page F2006-S2010


Agendas all on one page F2010 to present



February 2, 2012

2:30-4:15 in the Sam Karas Room

Agenda in printable form


I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Kathleen Clark (VP)

Stephanie Tetter  (Secretary)

Mark Clements (COC Chair)

Anita Johnson

Kelly Fletes

Steve Albert

Mike Torres

Catherine Webb

Sue Hanna

Jamie Dagdigian/

Robynn Smith


Brian Brady

Chris Calima
Alexis Copeland
Kevin Raskoff/

Andres Durstenfeld


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the December 1 and November 17 meetings(2:30-2:35)


II. Reports


A. President/SLO Committee Report Notes (2:35-2:45)


B. COC (Possible ACTION item) (2:45-3:00)

Is the ability of the Academic Senate to appoint faculty members eroding?

If so, is it a problem?

Example: Community Education Task Force; who should appoint faculty members to this?


C. Flex Day Committee Report (3:00-3:10)

Flex page


III Old Business

A. Update on the SSTF (3:10-3:30)

Marty Johnson

Where does it stand now?

What kinds of issues and problems should faculty be thinking about both short-term and long-term as MPC starts to implement some of these new rules?


IV New Business


A. Adjunct Faculty Hiring Process First Reading (ACTION) (3:30-3:50)

The proposed procedure Nov 18 Draft

Short ppt summarizing main points

Submitted by the Adjunct Faculty Hiring Process Committee

This document has been approved by PVP

The decision (action) to make here is whether to send this document on to other shared governance groups or back to the committee for more work.

This document will come back here for a second reading before being sent on to the College Council.


B. Plus/Minus Grading (3:50-4:00)

From Steve Albert


C. Repetition of non-repeatable classes (4:00-4:15)

Rosaleen Ryan will present research on the numbers of MPC students who receive non-passing grades one or more times in a variety of MPC courses. This is an effort to more fully understand how new CCC regulations will impact MPC.

Data from Rosaleen.