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Agendas all on one page F2006-S2010


Agendas all on one page F2010 to present



Feb 3, 2011

2:30-4:15 in the Sam Karas Room

Agenda in printable form


I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Heather Faust (VP)

Stephanie Tetter  (Secretary)

Mark Clements (COC Chair)

Anita Johnson (ASCCC rep)

Steve Albert

Debbie Anthony

Kathleen Clark

Mila MacBain

Nancy Bingaman

Susan Joplin

Brian Brady

Chris Calima
Alexis Copeland
Susan Walter


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the Dec 2, 2010 meeting (2:30-2:35)


II. Reports


A. President/SLO Committee Report Notes (2:35-2:45)


The PASS report will be inserted here to accommodate the schedules of those involved.



B. COC (Possible ACTION item) (3:10-3:15)


C. Flex Day Committee Report (3:15-3:25)

See Notes


D. ASCCC Report (3:25-3:35)

Request for "problematic" statewide regulations

Should we respond? How should we respond?


III New Business

A. PASS update (2:45-3:10)

Spring 2010 Evaluation Results

Powerpoint Presentation for this meeting

B. SLOs -- What's Next? (3:35-3:50)

“Quality” of Program Reflections?

“Enforcement” of SLO-related issues?

Institutional SLOs?

Background from the Accreditation Team Report in the President Notes


C. 2011-2013 Institutional Goals (3:50 - 4:00) 

Draft institutional goals


D. Legal Opinions (4:00 - 4:05)

Failing grades for cheating/plagiarism

Limits on enrollment related to cohorts

(We agreed to revisit these back in December)


E. Student Success – latest LAO report (4:05-4:10)

The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO)

LAO Report: Prioritizing Course Enrollment at the Community Colleges

Should we recommend that a student drop a class?


F. Plus-minus Grading System -- Do we want it? (4:10-4:15)