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February 4,2010


Accreditation Team Pre-Visit

Along with Pres and VPs, met with visiting team leader Francisco Rodriguez and assistant Richard Robertson on Friday January 29.

-Both are from Mira Costa College -- Pres and VP of Student Services, respectively

-Extremely positive visit

-Complimented the ease at which information could be found in the self study

-Complimented the addendum

-Found the MPC Planning and Resource Allocation poster to be useful

-Liked the LTC

-Thought the Sam Karas room would work well as a team room

-Now a lucky 13 on the visiting team, with FIVE faculty members. Woot-woot!

Visiting Team Roster


Academic Senate meeting March 9 (a second Tuesday) for visiting team

-Regularly scheduled meetings March 4 and 18 (1st and 3rd)

-Francisco Rodriguez requested that this be a meeting where the team could *observe* our meetings, rather than ask a lot of questions

-My preference is to schedule a one-hour meeting at either 2:30 or 3:30 on Tuesday March 9

-College Council will also be meeting this day

-My suggested topic is institutional goals and/or mission

-Should we shorten the 3/4 or 3/18 meetings? I'd rather not; I think we'll have plenty to talk about, especially if we get into the mission/goals


Meeting Schedule for the Spring Semester

Feb 4

Feb 18

Mar 4

Mar 9 (special visiting team meeting)

Mar 18 (Officer elections, per bylaws; both old and new reps attend to vote)

(Spring break Apr 1)

Apr 8 (2nd Th)

Apr 22 (4th Th)

May 6

May 20

June 3? (finals week) (maybe keep open for an emergency meeting?)


Election of Academic Senate Representatives

This happens within each of the divisions with expiring terms, by the election methods of their choice.

At-Large rep is elected by methods described in the bylaws and led by the Academic Senate Secretary.

This should happen during February. New reps should be established by March.

We should establish when the term ends for the at-large adjunct rep.

Division or Area

Senate Representative

Term Began

(Fall Semester)

Term ends

(Spring Semester)

Life Sciences

Heather Faust



Creative Arts

Currently Vacant



Social Sciences

Steve Albert



Physical Education

Mark Clements




Susan Joplin





Laura Loop

F2007 S2010


Stephanie Tetter

F2007 S2010


Anita Johnson

F2007 S2010


Jean-Claude Prado

F2007 S2010


Mila MacBain Martínez

F2007 S2010





Physical Sciences

Fred Hochstaedter



Student Services

Debbie Anthony



Supportive Services

Alexis Copeland



College Readiness/TRIO

Chris Calima




Susan Walter




At-Large Adjunct

Marguerite Stark



ASMPC student rep

Currently Vacant





Kathleen Clark for the Faculty Hiring Process Task Force

I’m not even sure we really even need to do this. But in order to go “by the book” we probably should.


I’d like to nominate Kathleen Clark for the Faculty Hiring process task force. This task force last convened in spring 2007 to review and recommend revisions to the MPC Faculty Hiring process. This task force did its work in 2007 with Kathleen Clark as the Human Resources representative.


Then life happened.


-Both of Kathleen’s parents died.

-MPC had about a dozen recruitments going at the same time (pre crash).

-Kathleen applied for a new job  (which she eventually got).

-We all gained a myopic focus on the accreditation self study.

-For these reasons, the hiring process sat on desks for a couple of years.


In early 2010, Barb Lee wrote up the processes that this task force came up with back in 2007. This  task force is currently in the process of reviewing what Barb has written up. Because of her unique position, I’d like Kathleen to participate as a faculty member. Hence my nomination.


Flex Day Feedback

The College Council Report


Big switch for the library is being bought.

This will enable better wireless.

and ensure functionality farther into the future.

~$139K, being split between instructional equipment, tech refresh, and a library fund.


College Council is evaluating progress on the Institutional Goals.

Asked for our help in evaluating goal #1, Academic Excellence

We'll brainstorm on this a little later


College Council is also discussing the mission statement, but is not ready to make any recommendations.