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February 5, 2009


Election of Academic Senate representatives and then Academic Senate officers

The return of "Let's Talk About Teaching and Student Learning"


Wednesday February 18th, 12:45-2, Sam Karas Room

Free Lunch


“Do they get it? How do we know? What should we do about it?”


You’re invited to a free-wheeling, lightly structured lunch time discussion about teaching and student learning. The broad topic for our first meeting is a continuation of the conversation started at flex day about determining whether our students are “getting it” or not, and what we then do about it.  

Well then please come and join us.

Wednesday February 18th, 12:45-2, Sam Karas Room

United Way presentation at the next meeting

Accreditation Reports at future meetings

COC Report

BSI Report


BSI Committee Membership

Spring, 2009


Academic Affairs Administrative Representative—John Gonzales

Student Services Administrative Representative—Carsbia Anderson

Basic Skills Writing Faculty—Jamie Gerard

Basic Skills Reading Faculty—Merry Dennehy

Basic Skills Math Faculty—Lynn Iwamoto

ENSL/ENSL Center Faculty—John Nelson

Library Faculty—William Easton

TRIO/EOPS/College Readiness—Grace Anongchanya

Academic Support Center—Marilyn Wilcox

Supportive Services and Instruction/Reading—Kathleen Rozman

Supportive Services and Instruction/Writing—Terria Odom-Wolfer

ESSC Director—Laurie Buchholz

Reading Center Coordinator—Paula Norton

Math Learning Center Coordinator  (unfilled)

Counseling Faculty—Karen Engelsen

Non-Basic Skills Faculty—(unfilled)

CTE Representative—Michael Gilmartin


Funding Spring 2009


Background for the Faculty Screening Committee Discussion


These are recommendations that were developed by a committee that looked our board process for faculty hiring about 2 years ago.

These recommendations have not yet actually been made to any group on campus because of a variety of reasons.

·         Faculty screening committee should be made up of at least 4 faculty and one administrator.

·         Faculty committee members must be fulltime faculty; however, not necessarily tenured or tenure-track faculty.

·         The Division Chair or designee will serve as the Screening Committee Chair.

·         The Screening Committee Chair decides if retiring faculty will serve on the screening committee.

·     At least one committee member shall have significant knowledge in the discipline.

·         The Screening Committee Chair may invite a community member to serve based on subject matter expertise.

·         One faculty member shall be outside the discipline.

·         Other faculty members may be outside the discipline.

·         If a student is invited to serve, the student shall be a voting member.

·         If a classified employee is invited to serve, the classified employee shall be a voting member.

·         Superintendent/President approves the final composition screening committees.


Question is "Discipline" vs "Division"


John Osburg Favors "Division"