MPC Academic Senate

March 1, 2007


Agenda in printable form




2:30-4:30 pm, Sam Karas Room


I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Mark Clements (Vice President)

Stephanie Tetter  (Secretary)

Debbie Anthony (COC Chair)

Marguerite Stark

Terria Odom-Wolfer

Jamie Dagdigian

Heather Faust

Alan Haffa

LaRon Johnson

Gary Rollinson

John Mikkelsen

Susan Joplin

Laura Loop

Jonathan Osburg

Steve Ruth

Eleanor Morrice

Laurie Buchholz

Marlene Martin (ASCCC rep and Past-President)



B. Acknowledgement of Visitors

C. Comments from Visitors

D. Approval of DRAFT minutes from the February 15 meeting.


II. Reports

A.  Welcome and Presidentís report Notes


B. COC Report (ACTION item)


C. Flex Days Committee Report

2-23-07 meeting report


D. Ft Ord/Marina Ed Center Committee Report

Committee Concerns


III. Old Business

A. COC Procedures (ACTION item)

Second Reading of revised guidelines and procedures (updated version)

focus on paragraph #4 under functions


B. Senate Bylaws Revision (ACTION item)

First reading of revised Academic Senate Bylaws

Explanation of changes

Remember to discuss Hazel's comments about MPCTA's representation on committees.


C. Academic Senate Elections

Announce winner of the At-large election.

Recruit nominees for Academic Senate officers: President, VP, and Secretary.

Emphasize differences between old and proposed bylaws revisions

Explain election procedures for the next meeting on 3/15.


IV. New Business

A. How do we prioritize faculty hiring decisions at MPC

Report on AAAG meeting.

John Gonzalez will join us. 


B.     Web Site Committee Update

Sharon Colton and perhaps others will join us for an update of their activities. We will brainstorm together to determine how faculty can best assist this effort to install the new web page and associated features.


C. Dignitary Visit

Update on the dignitary visit.