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March 1, 2012


Retiring President


Thanks Doug. We deeply appreciate your commitment and accomplishments. We're gnashing our teeth, and it's not because we need a new dentist.


We need a new President


Board meeting this Friday (tomorrow) to discuss search process. I can't make it. Could somebody else go?


We should be thinking about who should represent faculty on the search committee.


I'm thinking areas of expertise we should think about. Certainly, one faculty member could/should have have expertise in more than one area.


Arts / PE / Community Ed

CTE / Contract / Business Development

Newer faculty member

DE / Tech

Academic rigor / politicalization of student success / somebody who understands these issues

Others? What other major initiatives are in the draft Ed Plan? Perhaps it should guide our thinking?


If search committee is 8 to 10 people total, and 1/3 to 1/2 faculty, then perhaps we should seek collaborative effort with Loren to find ~3 faculty members to serve?


At-Large Election

Let's count the results!


College Council


I could not attend the College Council Meeting on Feb 21. I was to present an accreditation update; it was deferred.

What I will say next time is that input from all areas of the college are needed to make the ACCJC report truly institutional.


Budget Committee / Steve Ma

I hear from Doug that there will be a wider discussion on what the institution wants/needs in terms of technology leadership. I have communicated with Steve Ma that we'd like to be involved.

AAAG / Adjunct Hiring Process

We're trying to draw a picture of the process to clarify understanding. This will come back in the future.


Board Meetings


Wednesday afternoon reports once a month. Could somebody do this?


New Senators and Elections


The winners of the at-large Academic Senate representation are:


MPC SLO Committee

Updates today.


Distance Education


NEW: I met with the ICDE on February 24 and talked about the issue we discussed last time.

We had a very nice discussion, especially about who the target audience is for MPC distance education. It was clarified that the primary audience is students within the MPC district. The term "district" will be added to their strategic initiative document.


Also, in order to provide clear intent to students and MPC faculty, the word "fully" will be removed from their direction statement.

See link below.


Judee will join us next time for a more full discussion.



As stated in the ICDE's Strategic Initiative for the Growth and Development of MPC On-Line, some of the goals are "fully on-line degree programs" and "fully on-line certificate programs".


I've spent a bit of time talking with Judee Timm and Lynn Iwamoto this week about the meaning of "fully on-line"


I think we should know and all agree on the definition of this term.


For the CAC, fully on-line means more than 50% is at a distance.

For others, fully on-line means that all instruction, i.e., not assessment, is at a distance.


My opinion is that these distinctions are important. Neither of the above definitions guarantee a truly distant student from completing our fully on-line offerings. Is that what we collectively understand about "fully on line", and is that what we want?


Possible Future Agenda Items

  1. Report from our Ed Plan Task Force members.

  2. Judee Timm and Distance Education

  3. Faculty input for the Presidential Search

  4. Election for Academic Senate Executive Positions -- Please be ready to nominate yourself or somebody else. Would anybody like to be President?