MPC Academic Senate

March 15, 2007



President's Report




Grapes of Wrath

I attended the Grapes of Wrath panel discussion organized by Anita Johnson with participation by Steve Albert, Jeannie Costello, Rich Kezirian, Penny Parch, and ??. It was an excellent presentation offering diverse views of the Great Depression, John Steinbeck, and the Grapes of Wrath. The quality of the questions asked by many of the student audience members were evidence of the effectiveness of the communication. The hour and a half was an inspiration to my teaching in the Earth Sciences. Kudos to Anita and all involved.


Welcome Anita Johnson to the Academic Senate

Term will start next year. Anita, I am looking forward to your participation.


Met with HR/Barbara Lee

Our COC committee was concerned about a variety of issues related to our EEOAC. Barbara and I agreed:

1: She will find a meeting time for the committee convenient for faculty representatives.

2: Issues of race can sometimes bring up strong emotions and can be difficult issues to discuss. The EEOAC will continue its efforts to make each participant feel comfortable so that his or her perspective can be voiced and heard with respect.


Ed Center Committee (no report from them today)

Has a new website


Heads Up for the COC (to be covered following the COC report)

As you can see by the activity in the AAAG and today's announcement that Shasta CC has found a new Vice President of Academic Affairs in Bill Cochran, we will probably be having quite a few hiring committees coming before us in the near future. Our time frame for these hires is extremely compressed from what we'd like it to be. We need to act quickly to form hiring committees and get advertisements out there.


I would like to make a few requests of the COC and one of the Academic Senate:


1. Continue to meet weekly to consider these hiring committees in a timely manner

2. Communicate your meeting schedule to the likely chairs involved in these searches so that they will be able to get their committees to you in a timely manner.

3. Continue to forward your recommendations to the Academic Senate in a timely manner.


For the Academic Senate:

1. Meet for a single agenda item meeting--appointing the hiring committees--for a few minutes on our "off" Thursdays.


And one more for the COC:

4. Focus efforts on revising the Committee handbook that shows membership of all campus committees. (This is a recommendation from the Executive Committee meeting of March 8, 2007)



We've got John Gonzalez on the agenda for later today. I'd like to defer this section of my President's report to that time, when I'd like it to serve as an introduction to our progress report on faculty hiring prioritization process and progress.


I attended the AAAG meeting yesterday (Wed 3/14/07).


There has been some controversy on campus about a new faculty hiring prioritization process and whether a new process will be used this year. The division chairs on the AAAG were asked to use a new form to justify their proposed faculty positions. Most people agree that the Academic Senate should be involved if a new process for prioritizing faculty hires is proposed/discussed/adapted.


Because prioritizing faculty hires is not one of the day-to-day activities of the Academic Senate and thus it is difficult for me/us to ascertain when a significantly new process is being proposed/requested/implemented.


In response to these issues, I read and then e-mailed the following statement to the division chairs at the AAAG:

"The Academic Senate recognizes the AAAG as an integral part of our shared governance process at MPC. It is strong group composed of experienced and thoughtful faculty members, and the Academic Senate certainly does not want to meddle in the affairs of AAAG. However, when important processes such as how to prioritize potential faculty hires are changed, the Academic Senate should be involved in the conversation. The problem is that it is difficult for the Academic Senate to ascertain when these processes are undergoing substantial change because prioritizing hiring decisions is not part of the day-to-day activities of the Academic Senate. So, in an effort to fully support and work with the faculty members of AAAG, the Academic Senate would like to invite the faculty members of AAAG to communicate with us and tell us if and when they feel on-going hiring prioritization processes are being substantially changed to the point that the Academic Senate should be involved. Academic Senate meetings are the first and third Thursdays of the month at 3:30 in the Sam Karas room. The next one is Thursday March 15. You are always welcome to join us."

Faculty who contacted me about this were supportive/thankful for this statement.


Later in the meeting, the faculty members of AAAG voted by secret ballot for recommending approval of five faculty positions. These five positions, in order of priority, are:


1. Library Director (replaces Mary Anne Teed)

2. English Composition and Basic Skills Instructor (Marlene Martin)

3. Women’s Programs/Women’s Studies/Re-Entry and Multicultural Resource Center Director/Instructor (Phyllis Peat)

4. English Composition and Creative Writing Instructor (David Giltin)

5. Computer Networking Instructor (Gary Rollinson)


These five positions were recommended to John Gonzalez to take to PVP


The other positions that AAAG considered were all new positions. They included:

Dental Asst  
English Basic Skills    
Women's Studies




Retreat Planning

Marlene Martin's place

3:00 pm Thursday March 29.

3-5 pm: working retreat

5 pm on: eating, dinner, and socializing


What to bring:

Brown-eyed people: main dishes / salads

Blue-eyed people: deserts

Other-eyed people: starters and bread


Everybody: something of your choice to share to drink


Planning the Retreat Session:



You are perfectly compensated

Your workload is perfect

(Union issues that we will not change)


What would your ideal academic and professional life look like?


What do you see?