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March 15, 2012


College Council


Gave an accreditation report.


There will be a new Board Policy process. Advisory groups, including the Academic Senate will be asked to approve multiple board policies on a consent agenda basis. That mean approving a whole bunch of them at once. At the current pace it would take more than 10 years to complete all of the board policies. We need to speed up.

Proposed procedure is here


Approval of the Community Education board policy has been delayed indefinitely, pending outcomes of the work of the Continuing Education Task Force. 


Technology / Steve Ma

Hi Fred,


I would like to engage the academic senate in a discussion about various technology topics.  I see this as an information gathering session as well as an opportunity to provide some clarification of technology issues.  This would be a precursor to a larger discussion with College Council and leading to an open forum for the entire campus.  I plan to have similar sessions with AAAG, SSAG, ASAG and COMA.  This input may be able to provide some guidance in the development of the technology initiative being considered in the Education Master Plan.


Here are a list of questions / topics that I would like academic senate to provide some input on.


1.       What are we doing about wireless access?

2.       What happened to tech refreshment funds?

3.       Why thin client?

4.       What can we do to improve our website?

5.       What can we do to improve communication with entities dependent on IT?

6.       How can we improve the management and administration of technology at MPC?

7.       Are human resources in the various technology areas utilized in the most efficient and effective manner to improve student learning?


I will be asking Alexis Copeland to help me facilitate this discussion because of his long involvement in technology and the tech committee.  Sharon Colton will not be present at the academic senate meeting, but will be at AAAG.


Please let me know when we can put this on the academic senate agenda.  Thank you.


Stephen G. Ma

Vice President Administrative Services

Monterey Peninsula College District

(831) 646-4040


I will collaborate with Alexis on how to address this at the April 5 Academic Senate meeting. To facilitate this complex issue, we may ask you to respond by e-mail before the meeting.


Budget Committee

AAAG / Adjunct Hiring Process

Flow chart was approved by PVP and will be on April 5 agenda

Went to SSAG on March 8, and AAAG on March 14.

Please peruse the following documents to be prepared for April 5.


Based on feedback from the Academic Senate, AAAG, and SSAG, we've drawn a picture of the adjunct hiring process

Picture this!

And 1000 words to describe the picture



Board Meetings


Wednesday afternoon reports once a month. Could somebody do this?


Plenary Sessions


Who'd like to go?

We have money to send somebody

April 19-21 at the SFO Westin


We need a new President


Open forum to discuss desired qualifications and characteristics in a new president -- hosted by College Council


I'm thinking areas of expertise we should think about. Certainly, one faculty member could/should have have expertise in more than one area.


Arts / PE / Community Ed

CTE / Contract / Business Development

Newer faculty member

DE / Tech

Academic rigor vs politicalization of student success / somebody who understands these issues

Others? What other major initiatives are in the draft Ed Plan? Perhaps it should guide our thinking?


We will submit five names to Loren Steck for consideration.