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Agendas all on one page F2006-S2010


Agendas all on one page F2010 to present



March 19, 2015

2:30-4:15 in LTC 216

Agenda in printable form


Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Kathleen Clark (VP)

Paola Gilbert (ASCCC delegate)

Catherine Webb 

Dawn Rea Davis

Merry Dennehy

Nancy Bingaman

Sandra Washington

Robynn Smith

Eric Ogata

Heather Craig

Alexis Copeland
Kevin Raskoff/

Andres Durstenfeld

Mike Torres

Mark Clements

Stephen Lambert


I.  Opening Business

A.  Public Comments

Any persons may have up to three minutes to address the Academic Senate on any subject not on the agenda today.


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the March 5, 2015 meeting  (2:30-2:35)  


II. Reports  


A. President Report Notes (2:35-2:45)  


B. COC (Action) (2:45-2:50)

Budget Committee -- Steve Albert

College Council  -- Monika Bell (will necessitate replacement on Tech Committee)


C. Officer Elections (2:50-2:55)




-ASCCC Delegate

-Committee On Committees Chair (currently vacant)


D. CTE Taskforce "Conversations" Report (Information) (2:55-3:15)

Faculty members who attended these "conversations" will share what they learned


E. ASCCC Delegate Report (3:15-3:30)

Resolutions for the Spring Plenary

Chancellor's Office Legal Opinion on plagiarism and grades


III. Old Business


IV. New Business


A. Plagiarism Report (Information) (3:30-3:40)

Merry Dennehy


B. Follow-up to Eduardo Ochoa -- CSUMB partnerships (Feedback) (3:40-3:50)

Should we do something? If so, what?


C. The Great Data Challenge...and a Possible Solution (Feedback/1st Reading) (3:45-4:15)

The Challenge...and the Proposal


V. Future Agenda Items


A. Student Success and Student Equity Plans -- An Update

Larry Walker +/- team


B. Possible new positions in MPC management


C. Shared Governance Processes  (Feedback)

Are two readings for all reports/documents at *all* shared gov groups necessary to ensure shared governance input? Examples include the Basic Skills report, the Equity Plan and the 3SP Plan.