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President's Notes

March 19, 2015



Doing what Matters


Faculty Conversations February 27 and March 13  

MPC Faculty members attending: Jamie Dagdigian, Mary Johnson, Scott Moller, Alisson Shelling, Kari Grasmuck, Monika Bell, and Laura Loop

Thank you! We look forward to hearing about what you learn. 


MPC Academic Senate April Meetings:

April 9, 16, and 23 (second, third, and fourth Thursdays; first Thursday is during Spring Break)


Committee Background


College Council current members:

Diane Boynton (chair) -- Humanities

Fred Hochstaedter (Academic Senate President) -- Physical Science

Paola Gilbert (MPCTA President) -- Humanities

DJ Singh -- Business and Computer Science

Wendy Bates -- PE and Athletics

Elizabeth Mullins -- Social Science

Dan Fox -- Stepping Down

Monika Bell -- nominated


Budget Committee current members:

Fred Hochstaedter (Academic Senate President)

Paola Gilbert (MPCTA president)

Heather Faust

Andy Washburn -- stepping down

Steve Albert -- nominated


Election of Executive Committee members

Will occur at the second meeting in March.

Both newly elected and "old" Academic Senate Representatives may participate in the election

Positions are:


Aside from the implied duties, the main job of the Executive Committee is to approve the agenda.



Budget Advisory Committee March 18

Met, reviewed the notes from the Feb 18th meeting, had a conversation about when to meet next time, and adjourned.

During the discussion of the minutes, we heard that Earl and Rosemary are working on a 5-year summary of various MPC budget funds, such as the General Fund, the Self-Insurance Fund (including its sub-funds), and Capital Outlay, and using trends in the balances in these funds to understand the budget deficit. It was reported that this is the first time the college has looked at these funds from a timeline perspective.


College Council -- Meeting was cancelled because of no action items on the agenda.


AAAG -- March 18

Heard the same agenda item as we will today about data challenges and a possible solution. Had many really good questions about it.

Heard one of the best Program Review summaries ever, from Elias Kary about Social Sciences. It was focused curricular focus and changes of various departments within Social Sciences. he did a great job.

There are some unusual things going on with the 2015-2016 Academic Calendar. There will be a flex day on a Thursday in April 2016. This is because Memorial Day fell on May 30 and left finals week with only four days and the Chancellor's Office is watching these hours very closely now.