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President Notes, 3-20-08


Board Policy on Naming Buildings and other Campus Property

The Executive Committee looked at the proposed Board Policy on the naming of buildings and other campus property. The Executive Committee recognized that faculty input is clearly part of the proposed policy, which is the main thing we are concerned about. Because naming of buildings and campus property is somewhat removed from the academic and professional matters that are the purview of the Academic Senate, the Executive Committee decided to send this policy back to the PACC with these few comments rather than bring it to the Academic Senate as a whole.


Action Plans

I think the main thing we should recommend for on-going money is a line item that sends the CAC chair to the ASCCC Curriculum Institute each year.


Release Time for CAC chair and SLO Coordinator

I am pleased to announce that, upon the Academic Senate’s request, release time has been negotiated between the MPCTA and the administration. Starting in the 2008-09 academic year, the CAC chair will receive 12 TLUs release time per year.


The SLO Coordinator will receive 12 TLUs release time for the first year (2008-09 academic year) and 6 TLUs release time for the following two years (2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years). The SLO Coordinator is structured differently because we expect the workload of the SLO Coordinator to be the greatest in the first year and decrease after that. The Academic Senate will adjust the job description to reflect the 40% release time agreed upon as opposed to the 100% release time we originally suggested for this position. The job current, un-adjusted job description is included as an appendix in the “Articulating SLOs for MPC” handbook you received at the Spring 2008 flex days. The Academic Senate will also develop benchmarks to gauge progress after each year; these benchmarks must be approved by the administration, who retains the right to discontinue this agreement after any one of the review periods based on accreditation requirements and institutional progress toward the established goals.


Both of these MOUs are available on the Academic Senate website on this page:


We need a vibrant faculty member willing to lead efforts to establish and assess SLOs at the course, program, and institutional level here at MPC. If you look in the mirror and see such a person, please contact us as soon as possible.