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March 21, 2013


Future Academic Senate Meetings

Because of Spring Break, the next regularly scheduled Academic Senate meeting will be Thursday April 18th. I think we should expect a meeting on May 30, the fifth Thursday of May. Do we need an additional meeting in March (next week), or in April?


Academic Senate Elections

Today's the day!


College Council

Considered a first reading of our proposal to a) post the Administrative Procedures in an easily retrievable place, and b) distinguish between Administrative Procedures and Appendices and then use one or the other, if appropriate. Not much discussion, and general agreement in principle. Second reading next week.


Embarking on discussion about the Planning and Recourse Allocation Process (the Cloud Diagram). One emphasis is to get the dates right for program reviews and action plans. A second emphasis is to incorporate the Reflections/SLO process into the diagram. One idea is to put a big red button in the middle that says "Reflections/SLOs". Input welcome.



I was not able to attend the two AAAG meetings this week.


From Laura Franklin


Hi Fred, Given that Alan is not available tomorrow and I am buried under more deadlines than I can count right now, how about we postpone this follow up discussion until after spring break? I think itís really important for one of the faculty from the CE taskforce to be included in the discussion, and I think Jamie said before that he teaches Th afternoons when Senate meets.  


It would also be very helpful to have some specific questions from the Senate to be prepared to address in the time allotted.  


Please let us know if you are ok with a postponement.  


Thanks, Laura



Area B Meeting is Friday March 29 at the College of San Mateo. Fred will attend.


Spring Plenary is April 18-20 at the SFO Westin. Fred is involved in one or two of the breakouts, and will probably go to the first two days. Catherine is interested in going to the resolution voting (Fred has a field trip on Saturday).


Pre-Area B Resolutions are out.