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March 4, 2010



Visiting Team Welcome with the Steering Committee: Monday March 8, 3:45-4:00 pm GC 106

Open Forum #1: Tuesday March 9, 9-10 am LTC 203/4

Open Forum #2: Wednesday March 10, 2-3 pm LTC 203/4

Exit Oral Report: Thursday March 11, 12:30-1:15 pm LF 101


Please attend as many as you can!


Academic Senate meeting March 9  for visiting team

Now scheduled for...3-4pm Tuesday March 9, LTC 216

Suggest tabling some of today's agenda items to March 9





BSI Stuff

One of many "Implementation Plans" BSI is currently working on:

C.2.b:   Support the increased use of assessment techniques and strategies in BSI projects, courses, programs, and student services.

 Implementation Plan Committee:  Fred, Caroline, Rosaleen, Kathleen R.


Completion date

Responsible Person/People

1.      Provide a template for evaluation of BSI projects which asks for specific assessment results of both student achievement and student learning (in the proposals, progress and final reports).

Spring 2010

Kathleen, Caroline and Laura

2.      Survey BSI instructors and Student Services support faculty/staff about how they assess student achievement and student learning and how they use this information for course improvement, for advertising and justifications for classes/services

September 30. 2010

Rosaleen, Caroline,  Department Chairs and Managers/Deans/Directors

3.      Identify gaps and areas where faculty/staff need help

November 1, 2010

Rosaleen, Caroline,  Department Chairs and Managers/Deans/Directors

4.      Provide for staff development to assist faculty/staff in designing and implementing assessment strategies.

Spring, 2011

Faculty Senate, Rosaleen, Caroline

5.      Disseminate models for other faculty/staff to examine and adapt if applicable.

May 1, 2011

Faculty Senate

NOTE:  We have applied for a “Bridging Research, Information, and Cultures Initiative” (BRIC) Technical Assistance Program which will really help with this plan if we are chosen and agree to participate





COC Stuff

2 faculty members for the Enrollment Advisory Committee

2 faculty members for the PRB, to begin a three year term beginning Fall 2010

1 faculty member for the College Council

Usual CAC vacancies, minus Nursing (yeah!)


Election of Academic Senate Representatives

This happens within each of the divisions with expiring terms, by the election methods of their choice.

At-Large rep is elected by methods described in the bylaws and led by the Academic Senate Secretary.

This should happen during February. New reps should be established by March.

We should establish when the term ends for the at-large adjunct rep.


Nursing: Sue Hanna

Library: Stephanie Tetter

Humanities: Anita Johnson

Business/Technology: Kathleen Clark

At-Large: Mila MacBain


Division or Area

Senate Representative

Term Began

(Fall Semester)

Term ends

(Spring Semester)

Life Sciences

Heather Faust



Creative Arts

Currently Vacant



Social Sciences

Steve Albert



Physical Education

Mark Clements




Susan Joplin





Laura Loop

F2007 S2010


Stephanie Tetter

F2007 S2010


Anita Johnson

F2007 S2010


Jean-Claude Prado

F2007 S2010


Mila MacBain Martínez

F2007 S2010





Physical Sciences

Fred Hochstaedter



Student Services

Debbie Anthony



Supportive Services

Alexis Copeland



College Readiness/TRIO

Chris Calima




Susan Walter




At-Large Adjunct

Marguerite Stark



ASMPC student rep

Currently Vacant




Election of Officers, from MPC Academic Senate bylaws:


Section 3. Election to Senate Offices


After Senate membership has been determined (by March 1st each year) senators shall elect officers for the coming year at the second meeting in March.  Outgoing and incoming senators shall vote (only for these elections) as members of the senate, and a quorum shall consist of a majority of the total number of such senators. 


At the second meeting in March, the senate shall elect from its new roster of members, the president, vice-president, secretary, the ASCCC representative, and COC chair.  Names shall be placed in nomination with the consent of the nominee. A ballot shall be prepared by the Secretary of the Senate, and a vote taken. Newly elected senators who are not already serving on the senate shall have no further voting privileges until they take office at the first meeting in the fall semester;  until that time sitting senators only shall vote on all other actions before the senate.


Election Date

We will have the election on our second regularly scheduled meeting in March, on Thursday March 18 at 2:45 pm.



President: Fred Hochstaedter

Vice President: Heather Faust, Debbie Anthony

Secretary: Stephanie Tetter

ASCCC Rep: Anita Johnson

COC Chair: Mark Clements


e-mail message from Heather Faust:

-----Original Message-----
From: Heather Faust
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 2:38 PM
To: Alfred Hochstaedter
Subject: VP position/election


Academic Senate Representatives-


I would like to respectfully submit my name for consideration as a nominee for the position of Academic Senate vice-president in the upcoming elections for the 2010-2011 academic year.  I have enjoyed my time serving as vice-president over the past three semesters and I would welcome the opportunity to continue learning about shared governance in the capacity.  I wish you all a successful semester and I look forward to continuing my work with you in the fall as the life sciences representative and, if elected, as the vice-president. 




Heather Faust