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March 6, 2014



Can we declare Merry Dennehy and Heather Craig winners? Or do we need to stage an election with two unopposed ballots?


Executive Committee Elections


Second meeting in March: Elect Academic Senate Officers for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

Officers consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, ASCCC Delegate, and Committee on Committees Chair.



We will meet the third Thursday in April. I thank Brian Brady for finding my mistake.


College Council

Efforts to evaluate the goals and review the mission continue.

The mission group, consisting of Marty Johnson, Gary Bolen, and Loren Walsh, heard Catherine's mission presentation (same one we heard) and liked it. They are now reviewing the mission with those concepts in mind and may come back with a suggestion for the College Council, and hopefully the entire college, to consider.


Various reports were given about progress on goals.


During the conversation about the mission, Dr. Elizabeth Mullins asked a very perceptive question. She asked how we can possibly talk about the mission if we can't accurately identify who our students are. This is a question that I think many of us very much support answering before we can go forward with the mission question.


Goal Groups





AAAG (met March 5)

Approved GE board policy. All those policies we worked on last year are now ready to go to the College Council and on to the board.

This may be an opportune time to remind everybody that the Academic Senate has recommended that the institution's Administrative Policies (often referenced in the Board Policies) be posted in a place as easily accessible as the board policies themselves.


Mission and ACCJC Standards -- Celine gave the report that Catherine developed and gave to us on Feb 20. It was well received.


Web Redesign Status -- Jon Knolle and Kristin Darken led a session where input was given in the web-site redesign.

I've ensured that the kind of input they want is different than the kind of input that we've provided in many situations and venues previously.

Focus Group Questions

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Board of Trustees

I attended the Board meeting and congratulated the four faculty members who received tenure at the meeting: Adria Gerard, Kim Mansfield, Lauren Handley, and Catherine Webb.


I also reported that we had a conversation with Walt Tribley that lasted two meetings about the college mission and decisions to reduce the deficit. The questions and conversation that ensued indicated to me a quiet majority among faculty who support the President's and Board's efforts to make difficult decisions to reduce the college deficit. The two comments/questions that were asked of Walt at Academic Senate meetings had to do with the challenges of viewing the college from 30,000 feet and decided what size the college really needed to be, and a question about how classes were cancelled.


Paola Gilbert will attend the Area B meeting on March 21.


I have sad news to report about the ASCCC. There seems to be serious dysfunction among the leaders of the ASCCC. The friction seems to have arisen between ASCCC President Beth Smith and the Executive Director Julie Adams. Vice President David Morse has decided to challenge for President in a year where there is usually not an election. Whether warranted or not, this will be a distraction to the business that the state Academic Senate should be conducting at this time. Examples of where the ASCCC could be doing more right now, in my opinion, is with the draft revised accreditation standards and with the Student Success initiative. I've heard reports that the ASCCC Executive Committee is not making its way through agendas to discuss these issues because these other things are taking up the time.

I don't know whether any of these issues will come to a vote or not, but I hope Paola Gilbert chooses her votes in a way that she believes will most quickly get the state Academic Senate back to functioning as it should.