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Agendas all on one page F2006-S2010


Agendas all on one page F2010 to present



March 7, 2013

2:30-4:15 in the Sam Karas Room

Agenda in printable form


I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Kathleen Clark (VP)

Catherine Webb  (Secretary)

Mark Clements

Anita Johnson

Kelly Fletes

Lauren Handley

Merry Dennehy

Sue Hanna

Sandra Washington/ Janine Wilson

Robynn Smith

Elias Kary

Brian Brady

Alexis Copeland
Kevin Raskoff/

Andres Durstenfeld

Mike Torres


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the Feb 21, 2013 meeting (2:30-2:35)  


II. Reports  


A. President/SLO Committee Report Notes (2:35-2:40)  

Academic Senate officer elections will be next meeting.

We should be ready with nominations.

We should think about our empty officer positions: ASCCC rep, COC chair


B. COC (ACTION item) (2:40-2:45)


C. Flex Day Committee Report  (2:45-3:00)


D. Accreditation News and Views (3:00-3:15)

ACCJC Accepts MPC's Response to the Four Recommendations

Instructor Reflections -- feedback?

This year's ACCJC Annual Report

Fred's Thoughts


E. Updates from our "Goal Groups"(3:15-3:20)



Distance Education Quality  


F. Moodle Upgrade (3:20-3:25)

Catherine Webb


III Old Business


A. Board Policy Some Background info (3:25-3:35)

Board Policy Overview

General Education from Anita?

Follow up on Program Discontinuance

BP 3005 Academic Program Discontinuance

BP 3005 Appendix (Administrative Procedure)



IV New Business


A. Turnitin -- What Should We Say to the Institution? (3:35-3:45)

One faculty member wrote to support it.

Nursing wrote to say they wouldn't use it much, but that they support the idea.

About 30 people have clicked on the website, which is non-searchable. More than one of those is me.

I've heard many concerns about the software.


B. Continuing Education (3:45-4:00)

Laura Franklin and Alan Haffa will join us


C. Wait Lists? (4:00-4:15)


V. For Next Time

A. Board Policies


General Education

CCLC BP 4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development (possibly?)