MPC Academic Senate

April 19, 2007



President's Notes




College Council

Dean of Instruction: Liberal Arts


A search will begin soon for an interim Dean of Liberal Arts.

Search for a permanent Dean of Liberal Arts will commence in the 07-08 Academic Year, with a starting date no later than July 2008.


I assume we will soon be asked to provide faculty members for search committees for both the interim dean and the permanent position. How should we proceed?

My ideas:

Committee should include at least some division chairs

Committee should include at least one representative from each of the divisions that the dean will oversee.

Should we just ask each division to nominate/supply a representative???

At this point I can anticipate that


Health and Safety Committee


Considering the events of the last week, which has resulted in our flag at half mast, I think it is apparent that we really need a Health and Safety Committee. We need to brainstorm on ways to reinstate this important committee. I will feature this need prominently in my next All Users e-mail.


Perhaps we could also go to the All Campus Meeting on April 23 and say something like, "If you're interested and concerned enough to come here, maybe you would like to serve on a Health and Safety Committee."


What else can we do? Ideas?


Institutional Goals


College Council will consider goals from all areas on May 1. I presented a DRAFT version of our goals last Tuesday.


Positive comments were received, especially on the Economic Driving Force goal.


A slight change from the past is that we should recommend examples of measurable objectives along with the overriding goals. The format that I submitted our DRAFT goals was considered a good format. It is a possibility that as we revise our planning process here at MPC that connecting each of our Action Plans to individual Institutional Goals may decrease in importance in the future.



CSIS Position

This position has been rewritten into more of a generalist position and now seems to be in position for imminent approval. I am glad we approved the screening committee for this position.


Institutional Goals 


I presented our DRAFT institutional goals to the AAAG. They did not have time to really digest or discuss them. The conversation soon went on to something else. There wasn't really much feedback. I don't perceive AAAG having the time to become really engaged in the goals because I think they will be prioritizing action plans at their next meeting.






Dean of Instruction: Liberal Arts


As we were going over the job description for the new Dean, the faculty members at AAAG were aghast when they discovered that the associate dean of instructional technology position apparently no longer exists as Sharon Colton has moved over to technology. It was implied that some of this responsibility would be placed on the new Dean.