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April 22, 2010


1. Get ready to carefully read the faculty hiring procedures that I *hope* will be ready in time for our May 6 meeting.


2. AAAG will take a look at the Equivalency guidelines on April 28.


3. At its last meeting, AAAG chose not to the five faculty positions that are currently in process.

Math Learning Center Coordinator


English and Study Skills Center Coordinator

Political Science

Librarian (not the director position)


4. Two new board policies to review

-Both are about curriculum

a. Pre-reqs and Co-reqs

b. Program and Course development

-I have referred these two board policies to the CAC for review.

-CAC chair Lynn Iwamoto reports that because the CAC is so busy, it would be great if the Academic Senate review these Board Policies and suggest possible revision if needed.

-The process development in both of them should involve the Academic Senate or the CAC.

BP 3015 Pre-reqs and Co-reqs

BP 3010 Program and Course development