MPC Academic Senate

April 5, 2007



Proposed Goals




Academic Excellence


Promote the teaching of critical thinking across all fields and disciplines.


Build MPC into an economic driving force for the Monterey area by developing cutting-edge programs that teach sophisticated, employable skills to ensure the Monterey area’s participation in the economic growth of the 21st century.


Obtain teaching and classroom equipment so that students use and experience the most up-to-date and appropriate materials and technology and attend classes in a safe and comfortable environment.


Promote the effective use of student services and programs by the teaching faculty.


Basic skills/student success


Create a collaborative environment within MPC that fosters recruitment and retention of a wide and diverse population of under-prepared students.


Promote success by offering enhanced support for all students.




Identify diverse student groups and develop strategies for the delivery of academic support they need in order to reach their potential.


Develop strategies to enhance faculty diversity, including partnerships, faculty exchange programs, and intra-institutional collaborations.



One from Jon


Communication and relationship building, internal and external

            Examples of activities to achieve that goal (aka strategies)

                        Partner with business

                        Develop internship program

                        Interdepartmental collaboration on program/course development

                        Share our news with the community

                                    Honor roll, alumni hero recognition

                        Gather input from the community

                        Partner with student feeder sources

                        Partner with student destinations

                        Refine/develop student placement services

                                    Alumni network




Foster communication and build relationships both among campus groups and with community stakeholders.



What kind of goals do we want?


Promote the teaching of critical thinking across all fields and disciplines.



Hold six faculty seminars where two dozen faculty members can network and exchange ideas about teaching critical thinking in ten different disciplines.