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Late start classes are doing well. Approximately 189 enrollments as of College Council meeting. DE classes are doing the best.


We can expect a "Bucket List" from Doug. This will be a list of things the college needs to do to position itself for the next few years. Multi-site college, regulatory changes, SIS system, fiscal pressures, avoiding layoffs, etc... These will employ reallocations of funds, mostly from non-filled management positions over the last few years. Hope you enjoyed your movie trailer.


We enjoyed hearing about the Component Goals from Admin Services, Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Human Resources. I suggested that Admin Services add a goal or objective about investigating the use of social networks and mobile phone apps to increase the visibility of the college and encourage various types of student interaction such as registration, information, etc...


Budget Committee / Steve Ma


AAAG / Adjunct Hiring Process

Approved (non-unanimously) by AAAG on Wednesday March 14.

Approved by SSAG on Thursday March 22.


Board Meetings


Wednesday afternoon reports once a month. Sue Hanna will be able to do this in April and May.


Plenary Sessions


Who'd like to go?

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April 19-21 at the SFO Westin