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April 8, 2010

2:45-4:30 in the Sam Karas Room

Agenda in printable form


I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call

Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Debbie Anthony (Interim VP)

Laura Loop  (Secretary)

Mark Clements (COC Chair)

Anita Johnson (ASCCC rep)

Steve Albert

Kevin Raskoff

Jean-Claude Prado

Mila MacBain

Stephanie Tetter

Susan Joplin

Marguerite Stark

Chris Calima
Alexis Copeland
Susan Walter


B. Approval of Draft Minutes from the March 18, 2010 meeting (2:45-2:50)


II. Reports


A. President/SLO committee Report Notes (2:50-2:55)


B. Accreditation Report (2:55-3:00)

We now have the notes from Chair Francisco Rodriguez' oral exit report

Exit Report Text

Recommendations in Notes


C. COC Report (Possible ACTION item) (3:00--3:05)


D. Flex Day Committee Report (3:05-3:10)

 Fall 2010


E. ASCCC Report (3:10-3:30)

News from the Area B meeting



Summary of the Transfer Degree Resolutions from Santa Rosa JC


F. Equivalency Committee Report (3:30-3:50)
Equivalence to Minimum Qualifications
Equivalence for Specific Courses

Comparison Table
Nice background information from the "No Equivalence to an AA Degree" resolution


II. Old Business

A. The Bridging Research, Information, and Cultures Initiative (BRIC) Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Application (3:50-4:05)
BRIC: "The purpose of the BRIC Initiative is to strengthen inquiry-based practice and build cultures of evidence at the California community colleges in order to enhance student success and facilitate goal attainment."

TAP: "Up to fifteen colleges will be selected to receive an organizational needs assessment, professional development training, and customized data facilitation and coaching interventions during the 2010-11 academic year."

Quotes from the BRIC TAP application

This is sponsored by the RP Group
MPC's application

III. New Business


A. Board Policy Review (4:05-4:10)

BP 6600 Capital Construction

B. Library Director (4:10-4:30)
The librarians will join us
Library Program Review
Support Team Summary
Support Team Compiled Review