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April 8, 2010


Accreditation Update

Here are the Recommendations as recorded in Visiting Team Chair Dr. Francisco Rodriguez' notes:


Standard II Recommendations, regarding SLOs and Distance Education


Overarching Recommendation

 It is recommended that the College assign a priority to developing and substantially implementing an effective, systematic, and comprehensive institutional strategy closely integrating student learning outcomes with all decision-making and planning efforts, resource allocations, and linked with research activities. 


As a major part of this strategy, a continuous broad-based evaluative and improvement cycle must be prominent.  All student services as well as educational, fiscal, technological, physical, and human resources should be considered and integrated. 

Specific Recommendations 

  1. Building upon the progress made in identifying student learning outcomes for nearly all courses, program, certificates and degrees, complete the process of assessment that will demonstrate assessment is used to guide improvement of student learning. (Standard II.A.1.2.)


  1. Complete the process of identifying course level student learning outcomes and ensure student information is clear, SLOs are described and students receive syllabus reflective of the identified student learning outcomes. (Standard II.2.6)


  1. The College should take appropriate steps to ensure that faculty and others directly responsible for student progress toward achieving stated learning outcomes have, as a component of their evaluation, effectiveness in producing those learning outcomes, and that this standard is achieved by the 2012 deadline established by the ACCJC (III.A.1.c).


  1. To increase effectiveness of distance education offerings, the college should follow through with a plan to design an evaluation process and evaluation tool to provide students an opportunity to evaluate the learning experience specific to online courses. (Standard II.A.2.B.3.a)


  1. The team recommends that the Distance Education Committee  develop clear protocols and strategic goals for distance education learners that meet the institutional outcomes of the college and ACCJC policy on distance education.(Standard II A.1.2.6)



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