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Clarification from the April 10 meeting about updates re the Basic Skills Committee. From the minutes:


g. Motion to ask Basic Skills committee to make quarterly report to the Senate on the project, including resource allocation and expenditures (AH)

i. Second (MS)

ii. Discussion

1. How will Admin and BSI committee communicate?

2. John G. can present reports on financials as they are available

3. John G sees parallel with Ed Center, in that both are reported upon without getting into specific details at too granular a level.

4. Suggestion to have a Senator on the BSI who can report to Senate. Terria suggested.

5. The BSI project is giving MPC the opportunity to change the culture and we may need to make a leap of faith in this process

iii. Unanimous approval.


We need a big bold line that designates those committees that make resource allocation decisions: College Council.




Clean up Ed Center Committee relationship.


Our Academic Senate Ed Center Committee has dissolved. We need to communicate with the main Ed Center Committee. Stephanie Tetter?




I would like to submit my name to be SLO Coordinator.






College Council Report


Approved Mission Statement = Andres' version with slight changes.


Monterey Peninsula College is committed to fostering student learning and success by providing excellence in instructional programs, facilities, and services to support the goals of students pursuing transfer, career, basic skills, and life-long leaning opportunities. Through these efforts MPC seeks to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our diverse community.


Please note that the term "Basic Skills" is now part of the mission statement.