MPC Academic Senate

May 17, 2007



President's Notes





Program Discontinuance at the May 22 Board Meeting

This is the first to come from the Academic Senate to the Board. I can present it, but I think it would be nice to have representation from the group that worked on it play a prominent role as well.


The Academic Senate action plan requesting an additional $3500 to send people to ASCCC conferences was considered and included in the high priority category. We'll see how this all plays out.



Thank you Marlene Martin for organizing an initial meeting for the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI). I attended as did many other people. I think what we need now is a "Where Are We Now" paper or chart or statement.


Thank You

I think we accomplished a lot this year. It was hard work, and I think we will have to continue working hard and putting in extra time in various subcommittees to continue our success next year. I hope all of you volunteer for something.