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May 20, 2010



Good AAAG discussion about Equivalency.

Asked that all forms go through the division chair, because they are the most knowledgeable about the equivalency requirements.


-Requested that ongoing searches be considered applicable for the search part of the specific courses requirements.

-I will check with HR about the nature of these searches.


-John A. wants an "Equivalency for Dummies" one-page explanation.


Meeting at CSUMB


I attended the Tech Rent Grant meeting on Tuesday May 18th.


Interesting idea. I see no reason, other than the logistical implications, that MPC should not participate in this grant opportunity.


I think there’s a lot of logistical questions that will require a lot of thought before going into this. The grant will no doubt need to provide salaries for logistical support for MPC. I think hard questions should be asked about the sustainability of this project once the money runs out. Why start this up if we just have to shut it down once the grant is over? There’s also questions of funding positions on soft money.


If I were a grant evaluator for FiPSE, I would ask hard questions about how this program reduces costs of required course materials for students.


The website of the existing pilot project is:




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