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May 30, 2013


Future Academic Senate Meetings

This is it! Our last Academic Senate meeting of the year.


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College Council

Planning and Resource Allocation Process

SLO Committee adopted some of the Academic Senate May 16 recommendations for the Planning and Resource Allocation process.

and sent them along to the College Council, who will consider them at their next meeting.


SLO Platform

The College Council had a look at the SLO Platform at a first reading.


Program Reviews

College Council hard brief reports about several Student Services Program Reviews. The overlying theme was "not enough money to fund all of the students". For those programs that that students qualify for by being on some type of public aid or government assistance, such as CalWorks, a common problem is that students need to finish a program in a year, which is often difficult for these students. Counseling is working hard to comply with the various Student Success Initiative mandates such as mandatory assessment of all entering students and creation of Ed Plans.


State and MPC Budget

A proposed 1.5% COLA at the state level probably will not work its way through to employee compensation at MPC. "Savings" from self insurance fund will continue to be used to fund structural deficit.


Technology Spending Proposal

Improve Website -- $100k

Technology Infrastructure -- $80k

Wireless -- $30k

Accessibiilty/Communications/Training -- $40k

Smart Classrooms/AV needs/Computer Refresh -- $80k

A more detailed document explaining these categories is available on the College Council website under the 5-28-13 agenda




Contextualizing Date with Rosaleen


Content Review
Distance Education
Should the Academic Senate agendize reports from departments that may be facing cuts?
Academic Senate leadership was approached this week by a department that had heard there was a management meeting where cuts to their program were mentioned. This department wanted to come to the Academic Senate and explain why cuts would be bad for their program. Rather than agendizing this item, the Executive Committee decided to ask the Academic Senate as a whole whether this kind of  discussion should be agendized. The concern is that this kind of discussion, and possible actions that could result, start to sound a bit like prioritization, which the Academic Senate has decided it does not want to engage in. Another concern is that if we agendize this department, then we can look forward to many meetings of hearing similar stories from many other departments. Your representative from Earth Sciences, for example, can guarantee that the Earth Sciences Department will want to talk about field trips with the Academic Senate. Finally, it is traditional at MPC that this is the kind of conversation that usually happens at AAAG. Having two groups trying to do the same thing may not be beneficial for the institution. The question for all of us is, is this the kind of agenda item we want?