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August 27, 2009


Fall 09 Flex Day

-Thank you to everybody for a successful flex day event. Comments were, for the most part, overwhelmingly positive. Special thanks to Steve Albert, Tom Logan, Jeanne Costello, Kevin Raskoff, the IT folks, John Gonzalez, Todd Weber, Louann Baker, and Nancy Harray for keynotes and breakouts.

-I believe continuing to provide opportunities for faculty and staff to engage intellectually with each other is an important task for the Academic Senate.


Academic Senate Representatives

-Welcome Steve Albert from Social Sciences and Welcome Back Stephanie Tetter from the Library.

-Lauren Michel has resigned her at-large F08-S11seat. We need to give divisions and areas the opportunity to nominate candidates and then have an election. We have two nominations: Mila MacBain, director of the ESL learning center, and Brian Brady, an adjunct in ESL. Suggestion: now until next Friday (Sept 4) for elections, seating the winner at the Sept 10 Academic Senate meeting?


Academic Senate Budget

Travel and conferences has been cut 45% to $1780. Ideas on how to spend it?


Board Policy

-Board Policy on EEO Plan and Commitment to Diversity in employment was approved by the CC and has gone to the board.


COC Appointments

College Council Representative

Volunteers are:  

Richard Abend, ESL

Carolyn Hansen, World Languages/ASL

Alan Haffa, Social Sciences/Humanities

Nancy Goehring, Business

Alethea DeSoto, Counseling/Matriculation


Current College Council Faculty members:

Mark Clements (MPCTA Prez)

Fred Hochstaedter (Academic Senate Prez)

Lyndon Schutzler

Gary Bolen

A.J. Farrar

Bernie Abbott (Co-chair)


BSI Committee

Debbie Anthony to represent Counseling

(Karen Engelsen was the previous Counseling rep)


Academic Senate Goals for the 2009-10 Academic Year (3:50-4:30)
Board Policies? -- need a "point person"
Distance Education?
Technology in general?
Basic Skills?
Committees Handbook?
Faculty Handbook?
Let's Talk About Teaching and Student Learning?

Board Policies


Faculty Hiring Procedures