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September 10, 2009


Accreditation Visiting Team Training

I attended one yesterday (Sept 9) in Oakland. My thoughts:


-One of the main purposes of the visit is to see if the processes described in the self study are being used.


-ACCJC has good fundamental ideas on how to judge the quality of an academic institution

-But the ACCJC has not executed these major themes in a clear and effective manner.

-And we're all a little worse off because of it.


-Fundamental definitions about what SLO assessment really means is still unresolved (IMHO)


I can also report that I'm receiving excellent leadership from my visiting team chair. That part is working well so far.


Board Policy on Internet/Network use

Sharon Colton has forwarded us a draft of a new board policy that replaces two separate policies that covered email and internet use. The Executive Committee decided to forward the policies to the Academic Senate Academic Freedom Committee and the Distance Education Task Force for comments. Both these groups have agreed to have a look at it and get back to us in time for our Sept 24 meeting.

This is an informal, friendly "look-see" from Sharon. This policy has not yet been entered into the "official" PACC-regulated board policy review process.


Academic Senate Goals for the 2009-10 Academic Year (3:50-4:30)
Board Policies? -- need a "point person"

       Faculty Hiring Procedures

       Internet and Network Policy

       Program Development
Distance Education?
Technology in general?
Basic Skills/PASS?

Advisories and prerequisites?

Academic Excellence, Quality, and Institutional Effectiveness at MPC?

Institutional Goals?
Committees Handbook?
Faculty Handbook?
Let's Talk About Teaching and Student Learning?