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Sept 16, 2010


Next meeting October 7. No meeting Sept 30.

Remember the "extra meeting" October 28. Please put it on your calendars.



Library Data Bases


There will be upcoming dialog about databases that the library will have to cut.


The library spent just over 70K last year. This year they have ZERO. Painful cuts are ahead.


They have a deadline and donít have time to get to all Division meetings, even if they could get on the agendas. Stephanie talked to Rosaleen about a survey of faculty but she said a survey wonít get what they want/need. (too many options, too many variables)


The library doesn't want to rely solely on usage statistics to make the decisions. This may be a future Academic Senate agenda item.


The College Council Report


The College Council had an excellent dialog about the analysis of progress on the Institutional Goals over the last few years. Alan read the document and made several excellent suggestions for improvement, some of which have been implemented. There was also excellent dialog about future direction. My crystal ball says that the Academic Senate will soon be asked to recommend Institutional Goal(s) on the general topic(s) of academic excellence and SLOs.


Title 5 Background for Bylaws Revision



(a)(1)At least 72 hours before a regular meeting, the legislative body of the local agency, or its designee, shall post an agenda containing a brief general description of each item of business to be transacted or discussed at the meeting, including items to be discussed in closed session. A brief general description of an item generally need not exceed 20 words. The agenda shall specify the time and location of the regular meeting and shall be posted in a location that is freely accessible to members of the public. If requested, the agenda shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. Sec. 12132), and the federal rules and regulations adopted in implementation thereof. The agenda shall include information regarding how, to whom, and when a request for disability related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services may be made by a person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation in order to participate in the public meeting.


Follow-up: Implementing the SLO-GEO Plan


A Guide to Implementing the SLO-GEO Plan -- Also now on the home page!


An e-mail will be sent out from Fred and Mike Gilmartin asking for acknowledgment of program-level SLOs for transfer programs. An e-mail has been drafted, reviewed by AAAG, and revised. Please expect this e-mail soon and help your colleagues understand it. Please refer them to me or Mike with any questions. Main point: we view the entering of transfer-level SLOs into CurricUNET as an administrative step of a plan we have already spent a great deal of time on and agreed upon.



From Jon Drinnon, Area B ASCCC rep:


Dear Alfred


I'm writing to ask for your help in identifying faculty for our upcoming C-ID meetings and to ask you to encourage faculty to sign up for our intersegmental discipline list-servs. The upcoming C-ID meetings are one-day meetings that will focus on finalizing existing descriptors in the following disciplines: Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Criminal Justice, Physics, Art History, Geology, History, Kinesiology, and Theater. If faculty are interested but are unavailable they can still participate by visiting to offer their feedback on the descriptors currently available. In addition, please encourage your faculty to sign up for the appropriate discipline list-serv(s) at to ensure that they are informed of discipline-based progress, events, and discussions.


This academic year, the focus of C-ID is on the implementation of its numbering system. The foundation of C-ID is a set of descriptors for courses that commonly transfer from a California community college to baccalaureate-granting institutions, which were developed by a team of intersegmental faculty. Most of these course descriptors are currently in draft form. In order to move forward with implementation, we need faculty from the community colleges, CSU, and UC to attend the ***October 7th and 8th Discipline Input Group (DIG) meetings to review and provide feedback on the course descriptors. In addition, if time permits, faculty will begin to discuss the composition of the major/area of emphasis component of CCC degrees. As it is presumed that SB 1440 will pass, there will be a need to identify the courses that would compose a CCC degree in order to best prepare a student for the major at any CSU and, hopefully, any UCs that offer a comparable majors.



The October 7th meeting will be held in Northern California at the Sacramento Radisson Hotel, located at:

500 Leisure Lane

Sacramento, CA 95815

(916) 922-2020


Discipline Input Group (DIG) Meeting Goals


1) Review and provide feedback on existing C-ID course descriptors.


2) Review (and modify, if necessary) CSU LDTP course descriptors, which will be incorporated into C-ID.


3) Determine, and develop, additional descriptors as needed.


4). Time permitting, the discipline groups will discuss the composition of the major/area of emphasis component of CCC degrees. As it is presumed that SB 1440 will pass, there will be a need to identify the courses that would compose a CCC degree in order to best prepare a student for the major at any CSU and, hopefully, any UCs that offer a comparable major.



Registration is open to articulation officers and any faculty in the disciplines listed above from the CCC, CSU, and UC who are willing to attend.


To register for one of the meetings, please send an email to with the following information:


- Name, discipline, phone number, email address, and mailing address

- Indicate that you would like to attend the ***Oct. 7th meeting in Sacramento ***Oct. 8th meeting in Orange County

- Indicate if you have any special dietary needs.


After you register, you will receive additional information and updates via email.  A folder will be mailed to you prior to the meeting with important materials - please review the information before the meeting.


Additional travel and logistical notes

We have planned for one meeting in the north and one in the south to accommodate more faculty and to reduce travel time as much as possible. Registration for both meetings will begin at 9:30 a.m., the meeting will begin at 9:45 a.m., and the meeting will adjourn at 5:00 p.m. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided and parking will be hosted.  Due to a limited budget to convene these meetings, C-ID is not able to provide hotel accommodations the night before the meetingshowever, hotel accommodations may be provided for those traveling more than 130 miles round trip or 2.5 hours in one direction, at the discretion of C-ID management. Per diem mileage reimbursement and dinner reimbursement will not be available for these meetings. By registering for the meetings, you are acknowledging these terms.



If you have any questions regarding the DIG meetings, please feel free to contact C-ID staff or Michelle Pilati, the C-ID Faculty Coordinator, at





Jon Drinnon

Area B Representative,Executive Committee

Chair, Faculty Development Committee

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

555 Capitol Mall, Suite 525, Sacramento, CA 95814
phone: 916.445.4753  fax: 916.323.9867




Date Event Cost
8/19/2009 Breakfast-New Faculty & Admin. 133.96
8/19/2009 7 luches-New Faculty & Mentors 82.97
8/20/2010 Flex Day-Full Breakfast & Lunch 2700.84
1/27&28 Spring Flex Day Breakfast & Heavy Snack 2800
Total 5717.77
8/18/2010 New Faculty Breakfast with Admin &
New Faculty Lunch w/mentors (12) 206.76
8/19/2010 Fall Flex Day light breakfast & heavy snack 1948.5
Aug-10 Supplies for New Faculty & mentors 100
Oct-10 Follow up meeting for new faculty & mentors 150 projected
spring 2011 Follow up meeting for new faculty & mentors 150 projected
Total so far 2555.26
Funds remaining: 3444.74


From Sue Hanna:

On the topic of the Staff Development Fund that is currently used for lunches for flex days, nursing faculty had some input: they felt that the food (in some form) was very important to the networking benefits of flex days, that is, the chance for faculty from different departments to gather around the coffee and doughnuts to meet, greet, and share ideas. Their suggestion was to move away from cafeteria-catered food which is expensive. Deb suggested that she has cut the cost of certain lunch meetings in half by purchasing food at Costco rather than having it catered on campus.

These ideas were discussed at our Monday Faculty meeting in response to the request from Doug for input on the use of the funds. Faculty felt some food was very important in order to draw people. One suggestion was to trade the AM and lunch option for a mid-morning snack between speakers. This coincided with discussion about the need for a break between morning speakers and how this might be facilitated with food. Anyway, wanted to provide that input and to apologize for missing todayís meeting.



Sue Hanna, MA, RN