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Sept 18, 2014



Life-Long Learners

The Life-long Learner Group has met and had a lively discussion. They have come up with a statement that will be submitted to you and on the Agenda for the October 2 meeting.

Lifelong learners are those students who seek some combination of personal fulfillment and enterprise, employability and workplace adaptability, and active citizenship and social inclusion, and who have not identified degree or transfer as their immediate educational goal.

College Council (met Sept 9)

Approved slightly revised Mission/Values Statement as well as Institutional Goals and Objectives.

Mission/Values Statement (I surmise this document will retain its draft status until approved by the board.)

Institutional Goals/Objectives (Since this Institutional Goals/Objectives are not going to the board for approval [a change from past practice], I surmise that the word "draft" can be removed from this document.


Heard about the Marketing Plan Proposal. This proposal is agendized for today with the purpose of gaining feedback on it.

T5 Grant application failed. An ERP served all students, and not just specifically Hispanic students.

There was talk about the institution obtaining a loan to buy an ERP.

Then there was discussion about going out for a bond that would be used, in part, to pay back the loan for the ERP.

The event that instigated these conversations is that Santa Rosa, the institution that provides support for our Santa Rosa system, is going for a bond to get a new ERP for themselves. Exactly how big this bond would be, and all the different uses for potential bond money, has yet to be decided.


Academic Senate Executive Committee

Lauren Handley had to resign from the Academic Senate. Social Sciences Division Chair Elias Kary will be finding a new Social Sciences representative. Fred will take over the portion of the COC duties that includes finding people to fill committee seats. Lauren will continue to work on the Committee Handbook that we talked about late last year. Would anybody else like to be COC chair?



I requested travel funds for the MPC Academic Senate delegate to attend the Fall and Spring Plenary Sessions and associated Area B meetings. These meetings promote further understanding for MPC faculty about issues that affect all community colleges. I learned on Monday that these travel funds were approved. Thank you!


 I've asked Mike Gilmartin about the possibility of giving an adjunct faculty member a TLU to compensate for being the Academic Senate Secretary. I am currently awaiting news about this inquiry.


Plagiarism. The Academic Senate will need a point person to facilitate the plagiarism discussion. I have too many other responsibilities at the moment to find the time to organize the plagiarism discussion.


AAAG (met Sept 17)

Primarily worked on prioritizing action plans to distribute the Instructional Equipment funds.