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Sept 2, 2010


Fred will be meeting with MPCTA exec board on Friday Sept 2.



Dr. David Hayes-Bautista will visit MPC Wednesday September 15

Reception 9-10 am in the Sam Karas

Keynote Address: 10-11 am in the Sam Karas or Lecture Forum(?)

Presented by the S/P's office and ASMPC.



Dr. Hayes-Bautista is currently Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at the School of Medicine, UCLA. He graduated from UC Berkeley and completed his MA and PhD in Medical Sociology at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco. Dr. Hayes-Bautista's research focuses on the dynamics and processes of the health of the Latino population using both quantitative data sets and qualitative observations. The Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture combines these research interests with teaching of medical students, residents and practicing providers to manage the care of a Latino patient base effectively, efficiently and economically. His publications appear in Family Medicine, the American Journal of Public Health, Family Practice, Medical Care and Salud Pública de México.



From Jane Patton -- News so hot it'll burn your finger:


Dear Local Senates,


This week the Chancellor and I received a letter from the US Department of Education.  This letter provided their findings on the investigation of the two complaint letters they received last Spring---one from the Consultation Council's Accreditation Task Group and one from the Academic Senate.  The complaints had to do with the processes that ACCJC uses for selecting commissioners.


In short, their findings were that ACCJC has not been transparent and compliant in its processes and must take corrective action and report back to the Department of Education by November.


Before we could even inform the Task Group about the letter, the news got to a reporter at the Chronicle of Higher Education, who, I understand will break the story very soon. 


The Accreditation Task Group will meet soon to discuss what they would like to do next.  I will keep you informed as things unfold. 




Jane Patton, Ed. D., President

Academic Senate for Calif Community Colleges

Mission College, Communication Faculty

(916) 445-4753



More from Jane, Kaplan is a no-go

Dear Senates,
Perhaps you have heard that the Chancellor's Office has terminated the MOU with Kaplan University.   Today an article in the NY Times reported this action
You will recall that at our Spring Plenary Session we had a resolution requesting a termination of the MOU.  Subsequently, I participated in a Consultation task group where there was agreement that the MOU could potentially cause harm to students. I have just released the below statement on behalf of the Academic Senate. Thank you to the many faculty who have raised their voices of concern since the MOU was signed. 
 ASCCC Press Release Statement:
The faculty in the community colleges appreciates the Chancellor's decision to exercise the option to terminate the MOU with Kaplan University.  
We have been concerned about potential negative effects on students--- particularly the fact that Kaplan courses could not later be carried with them to other universities.  Terminating the MOU was the right thing to do.
Jane Patton, Ed. D., President
Academic Senate for Calif Community Colleges
Mission College, Communication Faculty
(916) 445-4753



October 28 -- Extra Academic Senate meeting. (no extra meeting on fifth Thursday of September)


Jane Patton will join us and (hopefully) talk about big-picture roles of the state Academic Senate, the ASCCC.

-interactions with legislature

-interactions with Chancellor's Office

-interactions with the ACCJC

-interactions with "outside influences" -- research groups, funding agencies, advocacy groups, etc...


This is very exciting, we should consider this a regular Academic Senate meeting that will aid us respond to those forces that influence us.



October 29 -- Area B meeting at Monterey Peninsula College


MPC is hosting the ASCCC Area B meeting this semester.

This is the meeting that Anita usually drives very far to get to.

The purpose is for Academic Senate delegates from all schools in the area--mostly SF Bay Area--to learn about and discuss resolutions that will come forward at the Fall Plenary session in southern CA.



College Council is starting to talk about Institutional Goals.

Slightly confused first meeting about goals because new chair had not read the evaluation of the 2007-2010 goals. Once he reads them, I'm sure we'll start working on these.