The Academic Senate Requests Forums for VP-AA Finalist Candidates



At the 9-7-06 meeting, the Academic Senate drafted a resolution requesting that the VP-AA finalists participate in open forums in the spirit of, but probably smaller scale than the presidential forums we had last spring. We also requested that the Academic Senate draft a faculty response and present it to the President as recommendations from the Academic Senate.


S/P Doug Garrison responded to this request during one of his weekly meetings with me (Academic Senate President Fred Hochstaedter) on 9/12/06. He responded that he is in favor of having open forums for the final candidates. He is interested in open forums as part of developing a process by which administrators could be hired in the future, and is extremely interested in the diversity of opinion that all interested MPC faculty may have on the final candidates.


However, in the interest of confidentiality, professionalism, and respect towards the candidates, he stipulated that there be no group reference checking as we were asked to do during the Presidential search last spring.


In recognition that MPC Board policy states that it the President that carries the final choice to the Board for hiring, he stipulated that there be no public ranking of the candidates, public building of a consensus among faculty about the best candidate, or presenting of any consensus on behalf of the faculty by the Academic Senate. He does not want to be in the win-lose position of the Academic Senate suggesting one candidate and him choosing another, perhaps based on criteria that are not of high priority of the faculty.


We discussed rough logistics for the forum. Doug’s vision is that we would have a forum during which the candidates might make a short presentation and then the faculty would have a chance to ask questions. After the forum, the candidate would probably go to an interview with Doug while the faculty +/- other interested parties could stay and discuss the pros and cons of each candidate. The ground rules would be that only the pros and cons of each candidate could be discussed publicly. Individuals could then summarize their thoughts about each candidate individually or all of them together and then send them to Doug confidentially. He is very interested in the diversity of opinion we will undoubtedly generate.


The Academic Senate will discuss this response to our request and the Executive Committee’s proposed revision to our resolution at the 9/21/06 meeting. The revised resolution reads as follows:


“Whereas the primary function of the Academic Senate, as the representative of the faculty, is to make recommendations to the administration of the college and to the governing board with respect to academic and professional matters as defined by Title 5 (53200); and,


Whereas presidential forums were held in 2006 where faculty presented their ideas to the board and helped the board and president with their decision; and,


Whereas the MPC is currently searching for a Vice President for Academic Affairs, is a position that works closely with faculty; therefore,


Be it resolved that the academic senate requests that a candidate forum be held and that a faculty responses be formulated and presented to the President as recommendations from the Academic Senate.”


-Fred Hochstaedter

Academic Senate President