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MPC Academic Senate

September 21, 2006


Agenda in printable form





2:30-4:30 pm, Sam Karas Room

 I.  Opening Business

A.  Call to order and roll call


Alfred Hochstaedter (President)

Mark Clements (Vice President)

Stephanie Tetter  (Secretary)

Debbie Anthony (COC Chair)

Jamie Dagdigian

Heather Faust

Alan Haffa

LaRon Johnson

Gary Rollinson

Susan Joplin

Laura Loop

Jonathan Osburg

Steve Ruth

Eleanor Morris

Marlene Martin (ASCCC rep and Past-President)


B. Acknowledgement of Visitors

C. Comments from Visitors

D. Approval of minutes from the September 7 meeting.


II. Reports

A.     Welcome and President’s report notes

Senate Budget and Executive Committee Report


B. COC report (possible ACTION item)


C. Other reports.  Divisions, Others?


III. Old Business

A.        Resolution for faculty forums during the Vice President for Academic Affairs search (ACTION Item). 


Background Information


S/P Doug Garrison responded to the first reading of this resolution through consultation with Academic Senate President Fred Hochstaedter at their weekly meeting (see background information). The Academic Senate Executive Committee discussed his response at their 9/14/06 meeting and proposes revisions to the resolution as outlined below. This is the second reading of the resolution:


“Whereas the primary function of the Academic Senate, as the representative of the faculty, is to make recommendations to the administration of the college and to the governing board with respect to academic and professional matters as defined by Title 5 (53200); and,


Whereas presidential forums were held in 2006 where faculty presented their ideas to the board and helped the board and president with their decision; and,


Whereas the MPC is currently searching for a Vice President for Academic Affairs, is a position that works closely with faculty; therefore,


Be it resolved that the academic senate requests that a candidate forum be held and that a faculty responses be formulated and presented to the President as recommendations from the Academic Senate.”




Need to answer these questions 


         B.     Progress reports from the five committees formed at the 9-7-06 meeting.

COC Process Revision Committee

Alfred Hochstaedter, Debbie Anthony, Alan Haffa, and Bernie Abbott

Goals and Objectives


Bylaws Committee

Mark Clements, Stephanie Tetter, and Marlene Martin

Goals and Objectives


Flex Days Committee

Gary Rollinson, LaRon Johnson, Heather Faust, and Laura Loop

Goals and Objectives


Communication Committee

Steve Ruth, Marguerite Stark, Jonathan Osburg, and Josh Sears


Academic Aspects of the Marina/Ft Ord Education Center Committee

Susan Joplin, Alan Haffa, Debbie Anthony, and Jamie Dagdigian

Goals and Objectives


IV. New Business

A.     Program Discontinuance Policy. Two years ago, the Chancellor’s Office sent an advisory to community colleges highlighting some key deficiencies in the areas of college policies and procedures. In light of their negotiations with the legislature and governor regarding funding, the Chancellor’s office has asked that these deficiencies be rectified. As one of the last phases of this work, an MPC committee was formed last year to develop an MPC Program Discontinuance Policy, as required by Title 5 and the Ed Code. The committee has completed its task and is bringing their proposed revision of board policy to the Academic Senate for approval. The committee was composed of Caroline Carney, Leandro Castillo, Kathleen Rozman, Judee Timm, Linda Bruno, Mary Nelson, Mark Clements, Jamie Dagdigian, and Bill Cochran. This will be the first reading of this proposed revision of MPC Board Policy. We will discuss when the second reading should be.


The proposed MPC Program Discontinuance Policy is available here:



A faculty perspective on Program Discontinuance written by the Educational Policy Committee of the Academic Senate for CA Community Colleges (ASCCC) is available here:



Examples of Program Discontinuance policies from a variety of CA community colleges is available here:




B. Resolution in support of Hartnell Faculty.



Background newspaper reports:

Californian 9/14

Herald 9/14

Herald 9/9

Californian 9/4


C. September 26 Board Meeting. What should we communicate to the Board?


V. Adjourn: 4:30 p.m.


VI. Next Meeting:  October 5 2006, 2:30 pm in the Sam Karas Room 

            Agenda items for future meetings: Accreditation mid-term report, Bond Priorities, Question of Academic Integrity at MPC, Continue/Finish work on rewriting bylaws and vision/goals/objectives