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September 22, 2011


Academic Senate Travel and Conferences


Good preliminary news. Marty wants us to go to these meetings, and I believe PVP agrees in principle. I've been asked to submit the Travel Request forms (same ones that have been used for years), and I have done so.


Meeting in Marina

We'll meet October 20 in Marina


College Council



Interesting conversation about the Technology Committee. They're suggesting assigning faculty to this committee based on expertise, not division. They came up with a list that included things like DE, access for students with learning differences, mac users, instructional computer use, DOM computer use, A&R computer use, computers in science/CTE labs, computers in learning labs. I'm sure this is an incomplete list, but you get the idea. AAAG also wants the Tech Committee to make Academic Affairs prioritization recommendations to AAAG rather than the College Council. We'll see how this all plays out.


The root of why AAAG talked about this issue for over an hour is because people are so frustrated with technology. AAAG wasn't willing to relinquish control over these resource allocation decisions.


Flex Day S2012


ASCCC SLO Committee

Efforts to distill the MPC SLO philosophy to a wider audience have taken the following forms:


I've volunteered to write a rough draft of an article for the Rostrum, the state Academic Senate publication that I often refer to and put in all of your boxes every couple of months.


I've also talked to Marty about MPC hosting a regional SLO workshop. The purpose of the workshop would be to train SLO coordinators and other interested individuals from other colleges.


The idea for both of these activities is to raise collective consciousness of things like:


MPC SLO Committee


We're reviewing program review forms from all three areas: Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Administrative Services. The idea is that there should be a core similarity between all of them that include some sort of dialog about student learning. Yes, all three of them. As we approved two weeks ago, Grace Anongchanya is representing Student Services. We're in process of getting somebody from Administrative Services. Because of the way that ASAG works, we've requested Steve.


Soon we'll look at all forms and processes that are involved in allocating resources (regular action plans, emergency equipment requests, technology requests, MPCF, etc...) and see if we can find a way to integrate the results of the reflections process into all of them.


Current dialog about


Meetings with Marty


2011-2012 Review of Process and Procedure

I'm wondering if people would want to more consistently use the parliamentary procedure / motions to make decisions.

It would help me determine what is really important to people.  

This is important in giving me an indication as to what I should emphasize when I go to AAAG / College Council / other groups on campus.


2011-2012 Goals

Physical Sciences response to my questions about goals they'd like to see us address:

Technology is the biggest issue they'd like to see us address.

Seemingly endless waits for refreshment computers to replace machines that are so old that we don't turn them off because they take so long to start up.

My Site -- Your Site -- Class Site -- Whose Site is too difficult and frustrating to use. Just give us server space.

Better support for making these websites.

We want an easy way to make website for our courses

We're interested in the ability to investigate how our students are doing in other classes

Some of our Math adjuncts are interested in seeing how well the lower level math students do as they move along in the sequence.




Refer to 2010-2011 goals/objectives for an example.


Educational Master Plan

Flex Day Planning

Accreditation Response on SLOs

Adjunct Faculty Hiring

Board Policies

(Faculty duties?)

Politicalization of "Student Success"

Technology issues -- the Sharepoint Web Portal?