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Sept 5, 2013


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Student Success Committee:

August 28, 2013
All the individuals (or their representative) noted below met once last spring and agreed to meet again this fall. At the spring meeting information on the new Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) mandates was disseminated.
At this early stage, the goal of the group is to get folks from Academic Affairs, Student Services and Administrative Services around the table to begin to dialogue about the mandates set forth in the SSSP.
Again, from my perspective, the primary purpose of the group is to get the word out to the campus community that the new SSSP mandates impacts all of MPC and not just Student Services.
Please let me know if you have further questions.
Take care,


April 16,2013
Sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry.
We really do appreciate the support from the Academic Senate as MPC begins to address the mandates set forth in the Student Success and Support Program.
I wanted to provide a little background for you. Caroline, Kim, Laura, Alethea and I have been meeting to discuss BSI as well as the Student Success and Support Program (SB1456). Through our discussions, we all realized that we need to broaden the discussion (by involving others) about the Student Success and Support Program. The goal of the group is to get folks from Academic Affairs, Student Services and Administrative Services around the table to begin to dialogue and brainstorm about how MPC may begin to move forward given the mandates outlined in the Student Success and Support Program. The concept has support from P/VP; however, we see it as a planning group and not responsible for any decision-making. At this point, we do not consider it a taskforce or committee, just a planning group with some knowledge and expertise coming together to begin to discuss and understand how the Student Success and Support Program is going to impact MPC.
Given this information, please let me know if you feel the faculty involved should be appointed by the Senate. Here are the individuals that plan to attend the meeting that we are calling the Student Success Planning Group:
John Cristobal-Faculty
Merry Dennehy-Faculty
Alethea DeSoto-Faculty
Heather Faust-Faculty
Molly May-Faculty
Laura Franklin-Administration
Larry Walker-Administration
Julie Osborne-Classified
Rosaleen Ryan-Management
Mike Midkiff-Management
Again, we appreciate the Academic Senate support.



AAAG met yesterday. Lots of talk about census date and the importance of certifying rosters and dropping students in a timely manner. This year, census date and the last day to drop to get a refund are all aligned. Also reports from Marty about Incompletes: Incomplete grade is only for students who could not, for good reason, complete a course. They are not for students who received an F, a C, or any grade they're not happy with. Also, you may not make deals with students to take the class so that your class will make. You may not have a student sign up for one class and actually participate in another. These are some of the things that Marty and A&R are dealing with.


College Council

College Council last met in August, at which time it changed its meeting times from the first and third Tuesdays to the second and fourth Tuesdays so that it would meet *after* AAAG (first and third Wednesdays) rather than after AAAG.

At its August meeting, it approved the budget and recommended that the S/P present it to the board of Trustees. I believe Loren Walsh and Stephanie Perkins voted against it.


Board of Trustees

At the August board meeting, the board accepted--with a heavy heart and quite reluctantly--the deficit spending 2013-2014 budget. Rick Johnson spoke eloquently of how reluctant he was to vote for a deficit spending budget for the second year in a row. Marilyn Gustafson said something that I hadn't recognized, but should have. That the transition year of Presidents was essentially a lost year in determining a way to reduce or eliminate the deficit spending. So it's clear that the board does not want to see a deficit spending budget again.


I presented to the board the SLO plan that was approved here back in April and approved by all advisory groups and the College Council in the spring.


I congratulated Maury Vasquez on his excellent job at flex days. I mentioned that up to that point in time only three administrators/management and zero board members had filled out the flex day survey. Those numbers are now up to eight and one, respectively.


Basic Skills Initiative

From Tracie Catania:


"I think the MLC instructional specialist position (BSI funded) definitely helped with our success rates.  A lot of other things happened during this time period as well (like the move to the bigger MLC space, mandatory assessment for math, etc.).  It would be extremely hard to prove that any single event caused the increased success - too many variables, no control group, self-selecting participants, etc.


I was not surprised to see that Math 261 stood out from our other classes.  It was not the BSI cohort tracking tool that brought this to our attention - it was the MLC data analysis I did with Rosaleen's help earlier in the spring semester.  Math 261 has the lowest success rate, and MLC use has the greatest effect in this course.  The math department discussed this during our flex day SLO reflection time.  We came up with some possible explanations and plans for interventions in this course.  We think the problem is real, but not caused nor cured by any single thing."