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September 6, 2012


Fred needs to leave at about 3:50 today. Apologies. Difficulty in transitioning to work schedule resulted in an off-campus appointment.


Sunshine no longer the Flex and COC Chair

She will be the Curriculum Advisory Committee Chair. Thank you Sunshine!

We need a different flex and COC chair.


SLO Award Conference

I will be at the RP Group Strengthening Student Success Conference the first Thursday of October, missing a regularly scheduled Academic Senate meeting. Get ready Vice President!



The ASCCC has disbanded the SLO committee that I served on the last two years. This year I will be serving on the ASCCC Accreditation Committee. first meeting is Sept 14; I'll report on how it goes.


Searches for Director of Information Services and Associate Dean of Instructional Technology


Faculty members of search committees were appointed during the summer.


Director of Information Services:

Alexis Copeland, Larry. Walker, Catherine Webb, DJ Singh, Julie Bailey, Rosemary Barrios , Steve Bruemmer, Lynn Noell, Steve Ma

Since this is a management position, the Academic Senate had no "official" role in appointing faculty members to the committee, I indicated to Steve Ma that he had chosen an appropriate group of faculty members to serve on the committee.


Associate Dean of instructional Technology

Stephanie Tetter, Kevin Raskoff, Steve Albert, Leandro Castillo, Linda Susaki, Celine Pinet

Celine and I collaborated on choosing these faculty members.



Board Policy


We reviewed a new Board Policy review process on April 5, 2012. From the minutes that day:

B. New Board Policy Process

a. After discussion, the Senate endorsed the new board policy review process, which incorporates the CCLC-generated board policies.

New Board Policy Review Procedure: Presentation to the Board, May 2012


We will need somebody to be a point person to review these policies.


College Council


Board Meetings

I presented the 2011-2012 Academic Senate Annual Report at the August meeting.

The compilation of the 2011-2012 Program Reflections was also presented.


Proposition 30 Resolution Background

From: Scott Lay []
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 9:24 AM
To: Douglas Garrison
Subject: You are Out of This World, and Prop 30 resolution.

August 15, 2012

Dear Doug,

Every day, you work to build lives in our community colleges.

Most of the lives you build go unrecognized. When I am introduced, it is most often as a graduate of UC Davis's Martin Luther King, Jr. School of Law. Only my community college moderators make sure Orange Coast is included in the introduction. It's a real challenge for us as community college advocates, as we are often a necessary "refueling station" on the way to a student's true destination.

Anyway, a major face (or hair) in the news is a community college alum from City College of San Francisco. Like me, he was a high school dropout and stopped by community college to see if learning could be cool. Of course, he was in a rock band and we don't want to discuss my lack of musical abilities.

Adam Steltzner, the "Elvis Hair Guy," in charge of landing the Mars Curiosity, "went to the local community college to try to figure out why those stars were moving." He ended up getting a Ph.D. in Physics.

Oh, and his hairstyle for the event was voted on by his colleagues.

He has been featured on two NPR segments:

He even has his own Wikipedia page!

So, I write this morning to tell you that you are Out of This World. Your work and support of California's 112 community colleges helped us land on Mars. And, when we put a human on Mars, I am willing to bet that somehow our system helped make it happen.

Thank you!

Proposition 30 Resolution

We encourage all district local governing boards and organizations such as academic senates and student body governments to adopt a resolution supporting Proposition 30, which temporarily raises taxes to avoid eliminating 85,000 full-time equivalent students in our colleges. Below is a draft resolution, which can be adapted for your use.

After you adopt it, please e-mail or fax it to our office as we are keeping track of support [f: 916-444-2954/]

Thank you for being an outstanding community college advocate!


Scott Lay
President and Chief Executive Officer
Orange Coast College '94

Community College League of California
2017 O Street, Sacramento, California 95811
916.444.8641 .


Possible MPC Academic Senate Resolution