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September 8, 2011


ASCCC Fall Plenary in Southern CA

Thursday Nov 3 to Saturday Nov 5 in San Diego

Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. This is a very nice place to visit.


Because of other commitments, I'm  is hesitant to miss more class time.

Would somebody else like to go? Kathleen has expressed interest.


Academic Senate Budget

Our "budget" is $1220 for the year. But all travel and conference money have been put into one big pot. I don't think we are in total control of this budget any more.


I have submitted a request to PVP to fund travel for one person to each of the Plenary sessions this academic year.


Luncheon with Chancellor Jack Scott

Dear Senate President,

This email includes an invitation from Chancellor Scott to your College President to attend a luncheon at Foothill College, Tuesday September 27, 2011, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The invitation to the luncheon extends to local senate presidents. After the luncheon, while the Chancellor meets with the College Presidents, Academic Senate President Michelle Pilati will be meeting informally with any attending senate representatives. If you would like to attend the luncheon, please respond to this email by Monday, September 12th. Thank you for your immediate attention to our invitation.

Best Regards,


Tonya Davis

Executive Assistant

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

555 Capitol Mall Suite 525,  Sacramento, CA 95814

phone: 916.445.4753  fax: 916.323.9867


I attended this event when it was at MPC. Would anybody like to go to this one up at Foothill?


Meetings in Marina?

Propose that our next meeting, Sept 22, is in Marina.


College Council

On August 19th, spirited dialog on August 16 about the budget. Slow recognition that tough decisions need to be made and that all of us can play a role if we choose.


Lots of talk about the medical costs and the reserve maintained to pay for our self insurance. 2010-2011 came in $500K under projections. Big question is why?


Ruth Osorio, an adjunct faculty member in the ESSC, was appointed as a faculty representative to the college council over the summer. COC took the lead on this effort.


But now Ruth cannot serve on the College Council and we need another faculty member. An All Users has been sent.


On Sept 6, approval of the "Institutional Follow-up Report on Recommendation #4 -- Distance Education". I abstained because we had not yet had a second reading in the Academic Senate.


A board policy on non-motorized vehicles on campus has been withdrawn by ASAG because of concerns about liability (mainly skateboards). The College Council spent a long time talking about bikes on campus. There are problems where there are narrow walkways, like near the Theater and near Physical Education. This was information. No action was taken. I believe that the Academic Senate decided not to review this one since it did not deal with Academic and Professional matters.



There was discussion about the Technology Committee at AAAG. It seems the chair of the Technology Committee, Sharon Colton, was asking AAAG for advice on whether the Technology Committee should be big or small. At the beginning of the summer (or end of Spring Semester?) College Council balked on the Technology Committee's bylaws which suggested a rather big committee with representation from all divisions/areas. I think the problem was that if Academic Affairs gets one rep from all divisions, then Student Services should get a rep from all their areas. It appears the Technology Committee has been bogged down on this question ever since. I don't know what to tell ya, folks.


Recommended for approval the "Institutional Follow-up Report on Recommendation #4 -- Distance Education". See above.


Flex Day F2011

In my very informal polling, I have heard only good reports.

Coach Ras was well liked.

No further complaints of dreariness.


Flex Day S2012

We should decide very soon on a theme for S2012 (theme or no theme? If so what should it be? Ask for participation)

We've spoken very informally about inviting PE/Athletics to join us in a "learning community" theme, recognizing that that's what they're really doing in Athletics. They have a lot of expertise to share. My opinion is that this is a good way to build on the enthusiasm generated by Mike's keynote address.

I had an informal conversation with Kim Shirley (PASS coordinator) about this idea and she is very enthusiastic about participating in this way.


ASCCC SLO Committee

I continue to serve on this committee.

I presented in an ASCCC SLO Institute breakout over the summer, in San Diego, where I learned about how nice this area is for a conference.

The topic was GEOs and connecting the SLO process with the resource allocation process.

Generally well received (I think).

No ACCJC members present--they were having their own retreat in Hawaii at the time.


MPC SLO Committee


We have a committee: Diane Boynton, Grace Anongchanya (proposed), Marty Johnson, Fred Hochstaedter


We had our first meeting Sept 8, 2011

1. We discussed our charge:

a. write and shepherd through the shared governance process a response to the ACCJC recommendations #1, #2, and #3.

b. Make recommendations designed to tie up any loose ends in our SLO process/framework.


2. We agreed that in responding to these recommendations, that we would take a holistic approach, first explaining our philosophy and then explaining how the processes we have implemented have emerged from this philosophy. What we would not do is go through the team report line by line looking for all the places they mention SLOs and try to respond to each one individually.


2. We recognized that we need a representative from Administrative Services on this committee, so that Administrative Services can voice their ideas in order to make this process truly institutional in nature. Both Fred and Marty will take the lead on this.


3. Recognized that the MPC SLO Committee will soon have a recommendation to integrate the SLO/Reflections process into all aspects of resource allocation, including faculty position requests, emergency equipment requests, the MPC Foundation, etc... Currently, the SLO/Reflections process is only linked to the action plan/annual update process, and this is a process that very few of us get any new resources from in this budget climate. The committee talked about this in principle, and recognized that much attention needs to be paid to the details of how this is done.


4. After hearing from Fred that he is frustrated and out of ideas to encourage participation in this process, the committee suggested a couple of themes for the Program Reflections session at the next flex days: "What is really working for your students, and what is not? Where are the areas that need improvement?" and "Reach out to somebody with whom you haven't previously engaged in reflection process". 


Meetings with Marty

An "Educational Master Plan" is coming. MPC doesn't have one. Doug and Marty would like one.


The development of this Educational Master Plan could be described as



2011-2012 Review of Process and Procedure

I'm wondering if people would want to more consistently use the parliamentary procedure / motions to make decisions.

It would help me determine what is really important to people.  

This is important in giving me an indication as to what I should emphasize when I go to AAAG / College Council / other groups on campus.


2011-2012 Goals

Refer to 2010-2011 goals/objectives for an example.


Educational Master Plan

Flex Day Planning

Accreditation Response on SLOs

Adjunct Faculty Hiring

Board Policies

(Faculty duties?)

Politicalization of "Student Success"

Technology issues -- the Sharepoint Web Portal?