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 Board Policy Review and Revision

The Academic Senate is and will continue to be involved in reviewing and revising  Board Policies that involve academic and professional matters


Board Policy Review Process


Existing Board Policies


Current Work 2012-2013



Proposed CCLC BB Existing MPC BP Academic Senate Recommendation Notes
BP 4110 Honorary Degrees.pdf      
BP 5030 Fees.pdf      
BP 4250 Probation Disqualification and Readmission.pdf      
BP 4030 Academic Freedom.pdf BP 3120 Academic Freedom Use existing MPC BP recommended by Academic Senate in 2007(?)
BP 4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education.pdf      
BP 4050 Articulation.pdf      
BP 4240 Academic Renewal.pdf      
BP 4070 Auditing and Auditing Fees.pdf      
BP 4300 Field Trips and Excursions.pdf      
BP 4010 Academic Calendar.pdf      
BP 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates.pdf      
BP 5052 Open Enrollment.pdf      
BP 4040 Library Services Rev 3-31-12.pdf      
BP 4235 Credit by Examination.pdf      
BP 4260 Pre-requisites and Co-requisites.pdf      
BP 4020 Program Curriculum and Course Development Rev 3-31-12.pdf      
BP 4225 Course Repetition Rev 9-30-12.pdf      
BP 4060 Delineation of Functions Agreements.pdf
BP 4231 Grade Changes.pdf      
BP 4106 Nursing Programs.pdf   Wait for recommendation from School of Nursing  
BP 4400 Community Services Programs.pdf   Hold for further discussion Discussed at length by Academic Senate in 2011(?), but never approved by College Council
BP 4226 Multiple and Overlapping Enrollments.pdf      


For the December 6, 2012 meeting

Notes from Anita and Brian, December 6, 2012

Board Policies:

Program Curriculum and Course Development Adopted 2011

Academic Freedom adopted 2008

General Education adopted 2005

Plagiarism, Cheating, Student Rights and Responsibilities adopted 1996 and 1988

Academic Senate  and Shared Governance adopted 1988 and 1993

Prerequisites and Corequisites adopted 1994

Community Services no current MPC BP

Nursing Programs no current MPC BP



Past Work


Faculty Hiring Processes

Faculty Hiring Processes, approved by the Academic Senate November 4, 2010


In Fall 2006, the Academic Senate adopted an interim policy regarding faculty representation on screening committees for faculty hiring:

Interim Faculty Hiring Procedures


The Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC) made several recommendations to the Academic Senate on this issue in 2003.

EEOAC Recommendations


The current procedures have not been revised since 1991 and are out of date.

Current procedures


Faculty Hiring Processes were addressed from 2007 to 2010 by a committee composed of:

Fred Hochstaedter

Caroline Carney

Gary Fuller

LaRon Johnson

Leandro Castillo

Kathleen Clark


Older work:


BP 3010 Program and Course development

BP 3105 Pre-reqs and Co-reqs


Webpage devoted to these proposed board policies


BP 1000, Governing Board Code of Ethics

This policy was revised by Doug Garrison and is a vital part of the self-study accreditation addendum.  Consequently, this policy is time sensitive.  Comments are due to PACC no later than November 30.


BP 1005, Composition and Authority of Board

This policy was revised and reviewed with the Board by Doug Garrison as part on the on-going process to revise all Board policies.  BP 1005 was revised to reflect the changes in election of Board members.


BP 1007 Specific Duties and Responsibilities of the Governing Board

BP 1007 has only one change to item #1.


BP 1008 Governing Board Orientation and Development

BP 1008 has one minor revision on page 2:  “shall” to “may.”


BP 1009, Self Evaluation


BP 1010, Annual Organizational Meeting & Officers of the Board

BP 1010 has no revisions.


BP 1011, The Board Chair:


BP 1025, Public Appearance before the Board and Conduct of Board Meetings

This policy was revised and reviewed with the Board by Doug Garrison as part on the on-going process to revise all Board policies. 


BP 2150, Conduct of Annual Inventory, is ready for review and comments.  The link to the marked document is:

This policy was revised by Pete Buechel in order to conform to Governmental Accounting Standards Board 34/35.




Computer and Network Use




BP 5100 -- Equal Employment Opportunity

BP 5100 Appendix -- The Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

BP 4105 -- Admission Policy

BP 5001 -- Institutional Code of Ethics


Academic Senate comments on Admissions Policy and the Institutional Code of Ethics

Academic Senate comments on the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and Commitment to Diversity



Board Policies Developed and Recommended by the Academic Senate

Academic Freedom  (Endorsed  9-20-07)

Academic Freedom Policy with explanation. The actual wording here is a slightly older draft, but the explanation is still completely viable.

Program Discontinuance (Endorsed Spring 2007)



Board Policy and Procedure Review Process

as approved by the College Council on 9-19-06:


Board Policy & Procedure Review Process

Presented by Doug Garrison to the College Council

September 19, 2006


President informs PACC and refers

policy/procedure to operational units through VPs


Operational units confer w/parties to

            draft policy/procedure language


                        Draft language sent to PACC

                        for referral to constituent groups


                                    Constituent groups review draft policy/procedures

                                    and send comments to PACC; either referred to

                                    operational units for revision or to College Council


                                                College Council reviews and approves policy/procedures

                                                or sends comments to PACC for further referral


                                                            When approved by College Council,

                                                            President forwards final 

                                                            policy/procedures to Board


PACC role – Referral and Tracking (confirmation of constituent review)

College Council role – Review & Approval