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As part of a campus-wide effort, the Academic Senate is reviewing and possibly proposing revisions to the portions of Governing Board Policy dealing with academic and professional matters. Click here to read the specific policies under review. Please tell us what you think!


Program Discontinuance

This one is done. It will be submitted to the College Council soon.


Academic Freedom

This is currently being addressed by a committee composed of:

Dave Clemens

Marianne Ide

David Joplin

Paola Gilbert

Homer Bosserman

Todd Weber


Faculty Hiring Processes

This is currently being addressed by a committee composed of:

Fred Hochstaedter

Caroline Carney

Gary Fuller

LaRon Johnson

Leandro Castillo


The Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC) has made several recommendations to the Academic Senate on this issue, which we will consider in our review of this policy.

EEOAC Recommendations


Board Policy and Procedure Review Process

as approved by the College Council on 9-19-06:


Board Policy & Procedure Review Process

Presented by Doug Garrison to the College Council

September 19, 2006


President informs PACC and refers

policy/procedure to operational units through VPs


Operational units confer w/parties to

            draft policy/procedure language


                        Draft language sent to PACC

                        for referral to constituent groups


                                    Constituent groups review draft policy/procedures

                                    and send comments to PACC; either referred to

                                    operational units for revision or to College Council


                                                College Council reviews and approves policy/procedures

                                                or sends comments to PACC for further referral


                                                            When approved by College Council,

                                                            President forwards final 

                                                            policy/procedures to Board


PACC role – Referral and Tracking (confirmation of constituent review)

College Council role – Review & Approval