MPC Academic Senate

Interim Faculty

Hiring Procedures


For Now until Board Policy is Revised

(hopefully in a few months)


Adopted by the Academic Senate 11/16/06


I met with Debbie Anthony and Barbara Lee (and with Bernie Abbott for one of the meetings)


We agreed on the following points

Ø      Academic Senate is responsible for confirming Hiring Committee faculty members for their professional expertise and judgment on who would best serve MPC as Faculty.

Ø      Each hiring committee should contain

·              One female

·              One ethnic minority

Ø      EEO Officer will select the EEO representative for each committee

Ø      The EEO representative:

·              Will not be confirmed by the Academic Senate

·              Must be a tenured faculty member

·              Can be either:

o       One of the faculty members confirmed by the Academic Senate

(In which case the EEO representative will be a voting member of the hiring committee)

o       An additional faculty member to be added to the hiring committee

(In which case the EEO representative will be a non-voting member of the hiring committee)


The rationale for the EEO officer selecting the EEO representative without Academic Senate influence is one of confidentiality; the Academic Senate would not want to inadvertently choose a EEO representative that is under investigation for inappropriate behavior or who has behaved inappropriately in the past.




Current Board Policy on the Screening Committee (Appendix 5005A)

2. Screening Committee

A. A Screening Committee is to be established as follows: The Division Chair and/or the Administrator in charge of the area in consultation with the Chair of the Senate Committee on Committees will select members of the committee. In the case of a dispute over faculty representation, the Senate shall make the appointment within a week of the dispute. The recommendations for membership must be approved by the Superintendent/President. The Committee, while not limited in number or composition, must be composed of at least four persons as follows:

1. Division Chair or Designee

2. Appropriate Administrator

3. In addition to the Division Chair or Designee, one or more full-time certificated staff members familiar with the field. If no staff member is available, a committee member may be recruited from another institution or from the field.

4. One ethnic minority and one female from the certificated staff. These may be represented by a., b., or c (sic). Either the minority or female member of the Committee is to serve as the affirmative action representative.

The Chair or designee or administrator will chair the committee. The Chair is responsible for following the appropriate screening guidelines as presented in this document.