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Figure included in the 2010 Accreditation Self Study:




Board Policy and Procedure Review Process

as approved by the College Council on 9-19-06:


Board Policy & Procedure Review Process

Presented by Doug Garrison to the College Council

September 19, 2006


President informs PACC and refers

policy/procedure to operational units through VPs


Operational units confer w/parties to

            draft policy/procedure language


                        Draft language sent to PACC

                        for referral to constituent groups


                                    Constituent groups review draft policy/procedures

                                    and send comments to PACC; either referred to

                                    operational units for revision or to College Council


                                                College Council reviews and approves policy/procedures

                                                or sends comments to PACC for further referral


                                                            When approved by College Council,

                                                            President forwards final 

                                                            policy/procedures to Board


PACC role Referral and Tracking (confirmation of constituent review)

College Council role Review & Approval