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MPC Flex Days Schedules and Highlights:


Fall 2015 Flex Day


Thursday August 20, 2015


Program Reflections in Word format. Please download this form and use it. Fall 2015.



Spring 2015 Flex Day


Spring 2015 Flex Day Survery:            


Wednesday January 28, 2015

Thursday January 29, 2015


Spring 2015 Action Plan Form


Presidents' Address Presentations

Fred's Academic Senate Presentation

Walt Tribley's Presentation

Beccie Micheal's Presentation

Mike Gilmartin's VP Academic Affairs Presentation

Larry Walker's VP Student Services Presentation

Earl Davis' VP Administrative Services Presentation


Accreditation Breakout Presentation


Fall 2014 Flex Day


Fall 2014 Flex Day survey:


Thursday August 21, 2014



Presidents' Address Presentations

Fred's Presidents' Address Presentation

Beccie Michael's President' Address

Dave Clemens' Keynote Address -- The Text

Dave Clemens' Keynote Address -- The Video


Presidents' Address Videos


Breakout Presentations

Beccie Michaels and Deidre Sullivan's Breakout Presentation on grants


Spring 2014 Flex Day Schedule

Wednesday August 29, 2014

Thursday August 30, 2014




Fall 2013 Flex Day

Thursday August 22, 2013 Schedule


Please fill out the evaluation survey:



Fred's Presentation

Walt Tribley's Presentation

MPC Foundation Presentation -- Beccie Michael

From Frenemy to BBF -- Making Data Work for You


Instructor Reflections in Word format. Please download this form and use it. Fall 2013

Instructor Reflections in PDF format with examples. Please see this one if you want to see how others have filled out this form.


Program Reflections in Word format. Please download this form and use it. Fall 2013



Spring 2013 Flex Day


Wednesday Schedule
Thursday Schedule


Fun Stuff Challenge Results

Up-Goer Five MPC Job Descriptions


Fred's Presentation

Walt's Presentation

Steve's Presentation

Celine's presentation

Carsbia's Presentation


Mike's Presentation on SB 1440


BART Breakout

BART Presentation

Student Behavior Guidelines

Carsbia Aggression Management



The Spring 2013 Program Reflections forms are provided in Word  format. Please fill it out during flex week and send it electronically to your DOM.



If you want to see what you or other areas did over the last few semesters, see the following compilations


2011-2012 Program Reflections compilation

2010-2011 Program Reflections compilation



Fall 2012 Flex Days


Doug Garrison's Presentation

Survey Results



Program Reflections form in WORD format

Program Reflections form in pdf format

Program Reflections compilation from the 2011-2012 academic year


Spring 2012 Flex Days

Wednesday January 25 Flex Day Schedule

Thursday January 26 Flex Day Schedule


Tom Brown's Keynote presentation

Tom Brown's breakout presentation

Doug Garrison's Flex Day powerpoint presentation

Doug Garrison's MPC Notes Budget Response Edition

VP's flex day presentation -- Carsbia Anderson and Steve Ma

Marty Johnson flex day presentation

Diane Boynton's presentation about Program Reflections

Robin Venuti's MPC Foundation presentation


Stephanie Tetter's Presentation


Survey Results


Fall 2011 Flex Day



Doug Garrison's Powerpoint

Survey Results



Spring 2011 Flex Day

Wednesday January 26th Schedule

Thursday January 27th Schedule


Evaluation Results

Spring 2011 Recap

Survey Suggestions for the Future


Doug Garrison's Powerpoint

Robin Venuti's Powerpoint

Fred's Presentation

Clare Manning's CLE Powerpoint


National internet Resources for Veterans


Fall 2010 Flex Day

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flex Day Flyer -- Printable or html web page

Flex Day Schedule--With Details

Fred's Powerpoint

Evaluation Results:

Overall Quality

General Sessions


Summary of Comments



Spring 2010 Flex Day schedules:

Day 1: Wednesday January 27, 8:00 am

Day 2: Thursday January 28, 8:00 am


Fred's powerpoint

Claudia Martin's powerpoint

Patrick Perry's powerpoint


Documents from the Sustainability Session led by Deidre Sullivan and Kevin Raskoff

Deidre's powerpoint

Leaning Outcome Ideas

Change Agent Skills

Sustainable Development Primer


Fall 2009 Schedule


Fred's Powerpoint


Spring 2009 Schedule


Fred's Powerpoint, which honors and celebrates the BSI Committee's accomplishments


Vincent Tinto's MPC Keynote Speech Flyer: "Success is Everyone's Business"

Tinto Article: Access Without Support

Tinto Article: Universities as Learning Organizations

Tinto's basic skills and student success website references are on the basic skills site.



Fall 2008 Schedule


Fred's Academic Senate President Report Powerpoint

Video of Rich Kezirian's Keynote Address (huge 98MB file)

Video of the Distance Learning panel discussion (huge 60 MB file)

Dave Clemens' CYA Syllabus Powerpoint

Results of the Survey about flex day scheduling


Spring 2008 Schedule


Thursday Morning SLO Breakout Details



Fall 2007 Schedule


Andres Durstenfeld gave an incredible and inspiring keynote address on evolution. If you missed it, some highlights are posted here. Thank you Andres!
Video of Andres' Keynote Presentation (huge 95mb file)
Andres' Powerpoint presentation

In order to motivate all of us to grow enrollment and improve retention, Doug invited Vinnie Soprano to give a motivational speech. Vinnie gave a fine speech in which he regaled us with his stories of he himself being "retended" many times during his during his years spent in education. Thank you Vinnie!
Vinnie's motivational speech



Spring 2007 Schedule


Spring 2007 Survey results


Flex Committee Bylaws (11-8-07)