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Academic Senate

2006-07 Goals

Fall 2006


Host Interesting and Engaging Flex Days

         Improve MPC staff participation in flex day activities

         Make flex day activities more relevant and interesting

         Improve current and future flex day sub-committee effectiveness


Assure Academic Excellence and Integrity at the Burgeoning Ed Center

         To understand where we are now (with respect to Ed Center curriculum offerings) and how we got there

         To understand how the present and future facilities affect curriculum and program offerings at the Ed Center

         Ensure that an equitable process is developed for future planning

         Ensure that there is faculty, Senate-appointed representation in developing an academic vision and mission statement for the Ed Center


Review and Revise our Academic Senate Bylaws

         Make the bylaws internally consistent, orderly, and easier to understand


Review and Revise Committee on Committees (COC) Guidelines and Procedures

         Develop Procedures for Placing Faculty Members on Committees

         Improve Inclusiveness and Participation on Committee Work


Improve Campus Communication

         Improve communication between faculty members and between various campus groups including faculty, administration, classified, and students

         Improve the use of technology to assist communication on campus

         Make more functional and useful