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Academic Senate Goals 2011-2012


Address Accreditation recommendations on SLOs (Fred)

Ø  Address the following recommendations from the March 2010 Visiting Team Report and follow-up letter from ACCJC:

Ø  Develop a plan to address outstanding issues

Ø  Write a report that addresses the recommendations and shepherd it through the shared governance process


Address Accreditation recommendations on Distance Ed (ICDE)

Ø  Review the report and approve its submittal to ACCJC (this is already done, therefore a goal we know we can accomplish!)


Examine, recommend changes if appropriate, and disseminate information in the following areas:

Ø  Hiring (Faculty hiring group in progress; Fred)


Ø  Program Review (Fred)


Plan flex day events that are informative, inspirational, motivational, and/or engaging to all those that attend (Flex Day group)

Ø  Consider a “Learning Communities” theme

Ø  Consider and act appropriately on further participation from the Physical Education division

Ø  Develop a position on coffee and food so that we don’t continue to struggle with this question every semester.


Make technology a more user-centered resource at MPC (Catherine, Alexis)

Monitor improvement efforts currently underway as of fall 2011 and, where appropriate, assist in institutional efforts to improve the user-centered focus of technology at MPC.


Ensure high quality instruction and services by investigating, and possibly revising, the faculty evaluation and mentoring process (Mark, Kevin, Andres, Steve)

Establish topics to be included in faculty evaluation procedures and materials. The MPCTA would then negotiate these procedures and materials at an appropriate time.

Review and possibly revise the mentoring process


Investigate and possibly recommend Plus/minus grading at MPC (Steve, Mark, Andres, Robynn, Mike)

Ø  Survey faculty perspectives on this issue

Ø  Develop further plans of action based on the results


Review Board Policies that relates to academic and professional matters (Brian, Anita)


Encourage collaboration between faculty and staff involved in instruction, student services, and administrative services (Kelly, Chris, Mike)

Ø  Educate faculty about new repeatability regulations so that instructional faculty may help inform students

Ø  Investigate ways to research the success of individual students and cohorts of students so that faculty may more effectively be able to advise them on academic issues.

Ø  Investigate ways to advocate for student access to printed schedules.

Ø  Encourage the improvement of communication about campus issues.

Ø  Encourage participation in campus committees so that the responsibility of shared governance is shared more evenly.


Work collaboratively with ICDE to establish a philosophy that articulates the role, scope, and meaning of high quality distance education at MPC (Steve, Stephanie).



Participate in the development of the MPC Educational Master Plan (Anita, Kathleen)